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Holiday Diamond Dreams

Tis the season for true love. The holidays are fast approaching and the time is now to close on an engagement ring for your winter proposal. The holiday season is filled with renewed spirit and enchanting settings resulting in unforgettable proposal opportunities.

If you haven’t started the process of acquiring a ring, forget writing a letter to Santa and skip straight to the source. Ponder the four holiday ring ideas below and book an appointment before the end of the month. If you do, we’ll have your ring to you for your holiday muse to say “I do!”


On the first day of diamond dreams, our true love gave to us: A Sparkling Snowflake inspired ring. Pull design inspiration from nature this winter! Icy white gold, intricate halo surrounds, and multi-stone settings give frosted feels to anything ring. Wonderfully approachable, snowflake inspired rings can utilize multiple smaller diamonds in the setting to create geometric, icy layouts fit for Else herself.

For those enamored with snowflake patterns, halo accents are the way to achieve winter wonderland status. Beyond the traditional single or double halo, a star halo glistens and glitters to strike snowflake style marvelously. Many halos feature uniform diamonds. Star halos break the usual conformity and alternate two different sized diamonds to form a snowflake surround.


On the second day of diamond dreams, our true love gave to us: A Christmas Green inspired ring. Snow blankets driveways and rooftops galore, but evergreens invite bright colors into the colorless winter landscape. Christmas greens are a stunning way to bring nature’s resilient life into holiday proposals. With eternal presence, green gemstones symbolize everlasting love.

Giving new meaning to green, rings featuring emeralds or green hued sapphires lift holiday rings out the cold and into lifegiving color. Green is woven into the holiday beyond the outdoors. Inside, wreaths and holly lock together in tight twists. Represent this design thoughtfully through twisted bands, round stones, and lovely hidden halos.


On the third day of diamond dreams, our true love gave to us: A Little Light inspired ring. Candles adorn holidays in every way. Menorahs, windowsills, and family surrounded tables feature flickering candles. Pear shaped stones and warm gold are reminiscent of hope inspiring lights. Marquise center stones and baguette side stones mirror candlelight shapes and lines.

Yellow diamonds, especially in elongated shapes, have the beautiful ability to achieve warm candlelight glows. If you’re looking for more of a fiery candle themed ring, rose gold’s red undertones parallel strong flames and winter festivities. Regardless of your approach, create a one-of-a-kind holiday ring and let your little (or big) diamond light shine!


On the fourth day of diamond dreams, our true love gave to us: A Red and Green contrasting ring. The holidays are full of snowy whites and blustery blues, but red and green will always ring true. The classic holiday team, red and green can be incorporated into diamond dreams in countless ways. Rubies and emeralds are the go to gems to accomplish this quintessential seasonal look.

Gemstone rings are raging back into popularity. Deep red rubies offer a romantic edge to grounding green emerald stones. To start off, for those looking for just a hint of holiday, rubies and emeralds can be used as superior side stones. The stark colors bring forth bright qualities of a traditional center diamond. With warm yellow gold accents, the ruby and emerald side stones add just a touch of Christmas charm. The resulting ring will still have year round appeal and wearability.

Diamond dreams during the holidays look different depending on each person. With the ideas above, the choices are abundant and possibilities are endless. To ensure your engagement proposal goes without a hitch, make sure to book your appointment before December 1st. With plenty of time to design and craft your true love’s ring, this holiday will be filled with beaming diamond dreams!