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Gemless Engagement Rings

In a world of almost 8 billion people, it’s more important than ever that you find your own personal meaning through what you do and what you wear. The reason that so many people choose custom jewelers like The Diamond Reserve for their engagement rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry is that they get to put their own imagination to the test. Also, having jewelry that wasn’t done on an assembly line makes it much more meaningful.

As people have discovered new ways to stand out from the crowds, an interesting concept has emerged: gemless engagement rings. There are actually some benefits to not having a gem as well. For example:

  • You never have to worry about it falling out
  • If you use a scratch-resistant metal, you don’t need to worry about scratches
  • They’re much easier to maintain and clean
  • The price point is going to be better than a gemmed ring

Approval is Important

Believe us when we say that you absolutely, 100% need to make sure that both partners are truly fine with a gemless engagement ring before going that route. Weddings and engagements have strong cultural roots dating back to 2350 BC and, depending on your fiance’s family, you may get looked down on for choosing to emit a gem.

That being said, gemless rings are where a smith’s creativity can really shine. The fact that they no longer need to worry about the structural integrity of the setting or need to hold back on the band to put emphasis on the gemstone allows for some incredible designs.

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