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Engagement Ring Care 101

For most women, a diamond engagement ring is the most expensive piece of jewelry they’ll ever own. And while diamonds may be the hardest substance on earth, they’re not indestructible! If your plan is to have your engagement ring forever – and we hope it is – it’s important to learn the best ways to take care of it. Here are some simple tips for keeping it safe, sound, and sparkly.

Best Ways to Care for Your Engagement Ring

  • Storing. Don’t store your diamond ring next to other jewelry pieces, as that can cause scratching. A fabric-lined compartment in a jewelry case, or a case of its own, is your best bet. You can also wrap it in a jewelry pouch or piece of soft fabric before putting it in a case.
  • Inspect. Regularly inspect your engagement ring to make sure the diamond setting is secure. If you notice any sign of damage or loosening of the prongs, take the ring to a professional jeweler. In addition to doing repair work, your jeweler will also expertly clean your diamond ring.
  • Contaminants. Exposure to everyday creams, hairspray, cleaning products, and even your skin’s oils can cause a buildup that dulls your diamond’s brilliance. Always wear gloves when possible, especially when doing housework. Clean your diamond regularly.

Diamond Cleaning Basics

Any buildup on your diamond blocks its beautiful light reflecting properties. The good news is that keeping it clean is not a labor intensive process.

  • Handle your diamond as little as possible, as the oils from your skin alter its appearance.
  • Regularly clean your engagement ring by soaking it in a dish of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid a couple times a week.
  • In the morning, remove the diamond ring and brush it with a soft, clean toothbrush. Don’t forget the back of the diamond, which tends to collect the most oil and dirt. Caveat: fragile settings or estate pieces should be handled with a gentle touch.
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals like chlorine or abrasives. They erode some metals and may loosen the prongs. Keep that in mind before diving into a swimming pool. And while we’re talking about swimming, cold water can shrink your hands, so you might want to remove it before swimming in the ocean or a lake.

Maintain the Sparkle

Remember, too, that a hard blow to your diamond can cause it to chip, so never wear your engagement ring when doing rough work or going to the gym. If you’re worried about putting it down somewhere, hang it from a chain tucked neatly inside your top. Finally, do yourself a favor and have your diamond insured. No one likes the idea of losing their engagement ring, but having it insured will give you peace of mind. Use these simple tips to take care of your ring, and it will always be as dazzling as the day you got engaged!