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Elegant & Timeless: The Halo Engagement Ring

The right diamond engagement ring sets the tone for a rewarding and fulfilling relationship. It’s the perfect way to share your joy about the prospect of spending the rest of your life with someone that you love. Your other half will be there to lift your spirits and keep you happy. They’ll serve as your sounding board when times get rough or when you just need a human connection, but most of all, they’re the one special person who accepts you in all your uniqueness. The engagement ring that you choose is a symbol of a lifetime commitment of love and loyalty. You can express how much this commitment means to you with a dazzling, stylish halo engagement ring.

Brilliance & Timeless Style

While the halo design has been around in some form since Georgian times  (1714-1837), the brilliant design has gone through many different iterations over the years. However, it wasn’t until the 1920s that brides began to adorn their finger with this decorative and aesthetically pleasing ring. Often designed with a collection of smaller stones circling the center rounded or cushion-cut stone, the halo ring provides the appearance of opulence and elegance.  As a result, the halo ring is one of the most sought after engagement rings on the market.

Your bride will appreciate the way that the setting provides a full look when worn on the hand and how she feels every time that she glances at her gorgeous halo engagement ring.

Choosing the Right Halo for Your Bride to Be

The halo setting is a stunning design that offers class and brilliance. The setting offers you big ring looks and great customization flexibility. You can choose from various diamond center stones, cuts, and colors, as well as band metals and shank designs. Future grooms commonly choose a glamorous pavé band to accentuate the halo design. However, those who prefer a somewhat reserved look might opt for a solid band. You can also choose whether to incorporate one or two halos in the setting.

Until the big day arrives, the engagement ring that you choose will be the center of attention. The ring symbolizes your pledge as a couple to remain as one. Your bride will wear the symbol of your devotion to each other for the rest of her life. It’s important, however, to consider the how the wedding band will fit and look alongside the engagement ring. One of the Diamond Reserve’s expert consultants can help you finalize an engagement and band combination that works well together, suits your personal tastes and dazzles her all over again.

The right setting will make your soon-to-be-bride feel loved and cherished, and throughout the course of your marriage, the two of you will have plenty of opportunities to fall in love again. By carefully considering the details that will make your wife happy, you’ll give her at least one reason to do so. So, use this information to your advantage to make sure your beloved knows how much you care her every time that she gazes upon her brilliant, beautiful halo engagement ring, and connect with one of our in-house experts for a personal consultation to make sure that your engagement ring selection is absolutely perfect!