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Does Weight Loss Affect Ring Size?

We all want to look our best for the big day. Men and women alike around the world are dieting, hitting the gym and logging some miles to try get in shape for their wedding day. Of course, this can create some complexities. Your dress might not fit right and, yes, your fingers might shrink as well.

When Should I Worry?

If you’re just shedding a few pounds, you generally won’t have to worry much. However, genetics play a big part in this as some men and women store more fat in their fingers than others. Therefore, it’s best to play it by ear.

The rule of thumb is: if the ring starts feeling a little loose, that’s the time to worry. If needed, swap it to another finger temporarily or purchase a transparent ring size adjuster to keep it in place. If the ring isn’t properly sized anymore though, it’s time to talk to your jeweler about resizing it.

Planning For Weight Loss

We’d recommend letting your jeweler know if you want to drop some weight. They can help you plan for it and pick out a ring that might not be as expensive to resize. Some rings can be quite expensive if you have to resize them over and over depending on the style and band, so your decision should be partially based around those plans.

Is Ring Resizing expensive?

Resizing a ring could generally be anywhere from $60 to $200 depending on the complexity, size and other factors. If you have to resize it multiple times, it can hurt the structural integrity of the ring as well. Therefore, we want to plan as few resizes as possible and keep things simple. A jeweler will typically only change the ring 2 or 3 sizes to avoid damaging it’s integrity too much.

Resizing a ring can take 1-2 weeks, so make sure to plan properly and don’t do it too close to the end!