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As mentioned in last week’s blog, here at The Diamond Reserve, we are able to incorporate all gemstones, in addition to diamonds, into your custom made jewelry and engagement rings. We love sapphires because we think they are a lovely way to make your ring more unique and stand apart from the crowd. Sapphires land at a 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness which is just slightly softer than diamonds coming in at a 10. This makes them even more admirable since you don’t have to worry about a softer exterior compared to other gemstones.

Additionally, sapphire pairs gorgeously with diamond accents which helps accentuate their brilliant color even more. For this week, we are going to further dive into Sapphires and how they can be a great option for your dream engagement ring!

Sapphire 101

Sapphires are famously known thanks to Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. The deep, royal blue hues catch people’s eyes from all over the world. In addition to royal blue, sapphires can come in other colors such as Kashmir, (a saturated and velvety alternative), as well as Padparadscha which is a pinkish-orange hue, similar to a lotus blossom. These color varieties make sapphires extremely unique. There are multiple different treatments and processes that are used to alter the color, clarity and durability of these precious stones.

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What Drives Price?

One of the great things about sapphire is that the price is on a sliding scale. You can always go the 100% natural route, which will be the most expensive for obvious reasons. In addition to natural, there is a variety of sapphires that go through heat treatment which makes them more affordable. Untreated, natural sapphires are more rare, which is the main reason why they are the most expensive.

Only about 1% of sapphires discovered do not need treatment, whereas a majority of these stones need slight improvements in terms of color. Sapphires are known for their blue hues, and the pure, deep blues are considered the most rare and valuable due to their intricacy. Alternatively, sapphires can be heated at extremely high temperatures to enhance their color and clarity. Lower quality sapphires can be heat treated to alter their entirety into a more desirable stone, which results in a lower price. These treated sapphires fall on the middle of the scale in terms of price since they do require some sort of alteration.

Lastly, lab grown sapphires are the most affordable option. People have highly idolized sapphires for a long amount of time, and the demand for these stones exceeds the natural supply available. In a lab setting, manufacturers are able to control the process and mimic the combination of minerals that happens naturally in nature. There are two processes for lab grown sapphires: the melting method and solution method. Both of these processes mimic the natural composition of sapphires and have identical molecular makeups. The only difference between the two is the initial origin of the precious stone.

In the long run, all sapphire options will have the same underlying atomic structure and crystal habit; the only distinction between all options will be the overall price.

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Why Pick Sapphire?

The Sapphire symbolizes loyalty, trust and faithfulness which makes it the perfect embodiment of you and your partner’s love. Sapphires present an extremely timeless and traditional look, yet incorporates some uniqueness compared to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Whether it’s a synthetic lab grown or a natural sapphire, the popularity of these stones are rising quickly. Whether you want sapphire on its own or a combination of gems, we are able to work with all ranges of budgets to create your dream engagement ring.

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