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Celebrity Engagements in 2022: Who’s Putting A Ring On It

Everyone loves a good celebrity engagement. Maybe it’s the gushing Instagram posts or the chance to glimpse a gorgeous ring…but we are all here for hearing who popped the question this year. 

From lavish green diamonds to classic and timeless cuts, celebrity engagement rings have been known to inspire, and 2022 seems to be off to quite the start when it comes to famous people in love. Here’s a look at some of the couples who are putting a ring on it, and what it sparkles like…

JLo and Ben Affleck 

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to a beautiful engagement ring. She’s engaged (again) to actor Ben Affleck, and this ring might just be the one to top them all. The three-stone engagement ring is rumored to have an 8.5 carat green diamond center stone accompanied by two trillion diamond side stones. 

That carat weight might sound impressive enough, but as far as lavish rings go, JLo’s takes the ticket. Green diamonds are extremely rare, with estimated costs anywhere from $50k to $300k per carat. If you’re one for the math books, that rounds out JLo’s newest engagement ring anywhere from $3 to $10 million. 

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge

Model Sofia Richie said yes to boyfriend Elliot Grainge and a brilliant emerald-cut ring in April. The ring is a modern, yet still very classic style, with a solitaire setting and dainty yellow-gold band. The emerald-cut diamond is supposedly between 6 and 8 carats. Regardless of size, this elongated shape has been a Hollywood engagement ring favorite for decades, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. 

Megan Fox and MGK 

Two is better than one (stone), was Machine Gun Kelly’s mantra when designing finance Megan Fox’s custom engagement ring. The actress said yes to the musician and a beautiful pear-cut two-stone ring. This unique engagement ring has both an emerald and diamond, set to create an obscure heart shape while complementing one another beautifully. Each stone is thought to be around 7 carats, making this engagement ring very unique and remarkably lavish. 

Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts 

If sentimental value is your thing, you will love Beanie Feldstein’s ring for even more than its beautiful sparkle. The actress said yes to finance Bonnie Chance Roberts and a stunning custom vintage-inspired ring. The ring is shaped like a flower, with one large center stone surrounded by smaller pear shaped diamonds. The ring comes with extra sentimental value built into the band with a tiny diamond from Bonnie’s mothers ring set in. 

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