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Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends – How Does Your Sparkle Match Up?

We all know the most impactful influencers are celebrities. This trend holds true for just about anything that can be “in style,” whether it’s a pair of shoes, a car, or of course, an engagement ring. 

What celebrity trends should you stick to or avoid when it comes to your own engagement ring? Let’s take a look at some celeb must-haves and how you can recreate them into your own ring. 

Celebrity Ring Trends 


The most common metals for engagement rings are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. In the earlier 2000s to 2010s, platinum was the most popular choice for celebrity engagement rings. By 2015-2016 there was a shift to white gold having increased popularity. But, today the metal that has the most popularity is yellow gold. 

Yellow gold is one of the most classic and timeless precious metals for engagement rings. It’s both durable and has a beautiful luster that accompanies the brilliance of diamonds to a tee. Over 30% of engagement rings made these days are crafted with yellow gold, and celebrities are following (or maybe starting) this upward trend in yellow gold. 

If you are looking to create a celebrity-style engagement ring, consider going with yellow gold. Whether a solitaire setting is your style, or a hidden halo has the sparkle of your dreams, a yellow gold setting might be your ticket to perfection. 

Cuts or Shapes: 

There are a variety of popular cuts when it comes to diamond engagement rings. Over the years, many celebrities have opted for fancy-cut diamond center stones. But two of the most common, classic and beloved are the round and oval diamond. When it comes to celebrity engagement rings today, oftentimes classic still seems to take over. 

In terms of style, both round and oval diamonds have a timeless look that even the most lavish of celebs seem to love. A round-cut diamond is cone shaped and cut to maximize light-return, sparkle and brilliance, making it an ideal cut for an engagement ring. An oval diamond is a popular choice for its brilliance, but also for elongating the finger and often appearing larger than actual carat-weight. 

Following the popularity of oval and round diamonds, pear and cushions are rising in demand. Finding your ideal cut or diamond shape is key to finding your perfect engagement ring. 


Engagement ring styles ebb and flow, even for celebrities. But, there are some style trends that seem to stick around regardless of time passed. 

One of the most common celebrity engagement ring trends is a two-stone “Toi et Moi” setting, which translates from “you and me” in French. Whether it’s a more simplistic two-stone ring like model and actress Emily Ratajkowski’s, or a diamond and gem-stone combo like Megan Fox or Ariana Grande, this trend is here to stay. This romantic style often features one band with two stones sitting side by side  and symbolizes the union of lovers. 

Another popular style that doesn’t seem to go anywhere when it comes to celebrity engagement rings is a simple solitaire setting. A solitaire style ring is timeless, simplistic and elegant. One big draw to solitaire rings is the ease of stacking bands with them. An eternity band plus a solitaire setting is the perfect way to add some extra sparkle and modernization to a timeless style. 


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