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A Brief Guide to Accent Diamonds

Accent diamonds are smaller side stones that emphasize the bigger center stone.  Commonly used in engagement rings and bracelets, watches, pendants, earrings and gemstone rings. The intent of accent stones is not just to accentuate the center diamond, but also enhance the overall luxurious quality and impact of the jewelry or accessories in which they’re set.

What kind of cuts do accent diamonds have?

Some of the easily distinguishable accent diamond cuts include tapered baguettes, single cuts/melee, and triangular cuts/trilliants. The choice of accent shape depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a tapered look, go for a tapered baguette shape or pear shape. If you want excellent light performance, consider round brilliant cut diamonds.

Accent diamonds are small and therefore the number of facets is less of a concern. Most have between 16 to 18 facets, and are known as ‘single cut’, while bigger cuts have 58 facets and referred to as ‘full cut’.

Color, clarity and carat weight

When it comes to picking an accent diamond you must be mindful of the 4C’s. The color and clarity of accent stones should be consistent with the color and clarity of the center stone.  As for the cut, choose a cut that is complementary to the shape of the center stone.  Afterall, you don’t want the side stones to detract from an otherwise beautiful center stone. Always choose accent diamonds with a clarity grade of  VS2 or better. As far as carat weight is concerned, most accent diamonds typically weigh a few carats less than the center stone.

The bottom line is that accent diamonds should be small enough to let the center stone hog the attention, yet not be so inferior in quality as to lower the appearance and quality of the particular piece of jewelry.


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