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Are Natural Sapphire Engagement Rings Popular?

Engagement rings are a big decision and the choices seem to be endless. Traditionally engagement rings are made with diamonds, but sapphires continuously make their mark in bridal. We will discuss the pros and cons of a sapphire engagement ring and how popular they really are.

How Popular are Sapphire Engagement Rings?

The sapphire engagement ring has become more sought after thanks to Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, making a sapphire engagement ring a very regal look. Though sapphire engagement rings are definitely not as popular as the traditional diamond engagement ring, they definitely make their mark in bridal jewelry throughout history and still today.

Sapphire engagement rings are typically less expensive than natural diamonds, so you are able to get a bigger center stone. If you are looking to add a little extra sparkle, accent the ring with diamonds to illuminate the beautiful color of a sapphire.

What are the Pros of a Sapphire Engagement?

There are many pros to a sapphire engagement ring, they are durable and rate the highest in hardness compared to any other natural gemstone. This makes a sapphire ring very logical for everyday wear.

Sapphire engagement rings are also very unique and can be the perfect way to add something blue for your wedding day. The meaning behind a sapphire ring is faithfulness, trust, and loyalty which are great values to start any marriage with.

What are the Sapphire Engagement Ring Cons?

Sapphire engagement rings do have some cons compared to a diamond ring. Sapphires do not react to light as well as diamonds do, so if you are wanting to have that sparkle, a diamond is the way to go. Even when diamonds are a little dirty they still sparkle, but sapphires just don’t do that.

When selecting a sapphire engagement ring you have to take into consideration that an engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. A good question to ask yourself is, are you attached to having color in your engagement ring that you wear everyday? Diamonds are usually considered to be the more neutral and timeless choice, especially if you are not committed to wearing blue everyday.

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