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Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

There are many women who would be envious of Angelina Jolie’s partner and future husband, Brad Pitt.  However, we are much more envious of her gorgeous engagement ring!

This ring is a one of a kind creation that was designed by Brad and constructed by jeweler Robert Procop. Robert revealed that Brad had a very specific idea in mind that he wanted to execute.  There was a feeling and design that he wanted to achieve to match Angelina’s personality.

The ring reportedly cost Brad close to $250,000 and it took a little over a year to complete the design and construction of the ring.  He wanted the ring to be perfect and this meant finding the perfect quality diamond first and then having it cut to the exact shape and size that would be ideal for Angelina’s hand.  The diamonds continue around the sides of her band encircling her finger.  Each side diamond and the main center diamond are of the highest quality of diamond.  This means that these diamonds are free from any imperfections, color, or inclusions that can devalue the stone and the ring.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been a confirmed couple for many years now, the engagement was finally official in April 2012.  They had been very open about the fact that they wanted to get married one day for their children (the couple has six children).

So, now you want to know, how do I get Angelina’s ring?  The most important aspect of the ring is the diamonds. The Diamond Reserve has a wide range of diamonds and stones of different levels of quality.  If you want a diamond that is completely free of imperfections, be prepared to pay much more for it.  There are many diamonds that might have a small imperfection that will make them slightly more cost friendly but  still just as beautiful.