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5 Stunning Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends to Try

Love is in the air in 2022! This year, many celebrity couples have opted for unique, expressive, and sometimes extravagant engagement rings. From toi et moi trends, to colorful stones and bezel settings, if you are looking for some inspiration for the perfect ring for your partner, here are five stunning celebrity engagement ring trends to inspire.

Toi Et Moi

In French, “toi et moi” means “you and me,” which is the perfect romantic sentiment for an engagement ring. Toi et moi rings feature two stones that come together in one stunning ring. When it comes to jewelry design, particularly engagement rings, the toi et moi design is quickly becoming a sentimental classic and has been gaining popularity among celebrity couples especially. Why just have one stone when you can add a second, right?

This year, celebrities like Megan Fox got engaged with a beautiful take on a toi et moi ring. Fox’s ring features two pear cut stones, one brilliant diamond and the other a beautiful Colombian emerald set in platinum. Her ring was designed by fiancé Machine Gun Kelley and famous jeweler Stephen Webster. The ring combines the sentimental toi et moi setting with Fox’s birthstone, the emerald, and creates an obscure heart through the pear cut stones.

Other stars like Emily Ratajkowski also sport a toi et moi ring. The model-turned-actress received her stunning double-stone engagement ring in 2018, setting a trend early on. Ratajkowski’s ring features a princess cut diamond set next to an angled pear that sits on a 18k gold band.

If you are looking for a stunning and sentimental setting that has a deeper meaning, the toi et moi style might be perfect for you!

Emerald and Oval Cuts

Over the years, different diamonds cuts tend to trend more than others. Two cuts that have maintained their popularity and even seen a spike in features on celebrity ring fingers are the emerald and oval cut diamonds.

This year, there were a handful of celebrity engagements that began with an emerald or oval cut diamond. Sofia Richie was proposed to in April of this year by Elliot Grainge with a whopping 5 carat emerald cut diamond in a solitaire setting on a yellow gold band. The simplistic nature of the setting further extenuates the brilliant emerald cut diamonds. The emerald cut diamond offers both modern and vintage elements and has become increasingly popular, and we don’t see the trend fading anytime soon.

Similarly, the oval cut diamond is having a moment in the spotlight. The oval cut is one of the most classic bridal cuts there is, and recently it’s been the most sought-after cut, possibly thanks to all the celebrities who have said yes to an oval cut engagement ring this year.

This year, Kourtney Kardashian said yes to Travis Barker and an allegedly 10 carat oval cut diamond ring. The stunning oval cut diamond sits on a platinum or white gold pave band. Another celeb who received a brilliant engagement ring that features an oval cut diamond is Hailey Bieber, with her solitaire oval setting on a thin gold band. Both of these styles are effortlessly bridal and beautiful.

If you are looking for a classic bridal engagement ring, an oval cut or an emerald cut are right on trend and perfect options for emulating elegance.

Bezel Settings

Setting trends for engagement rings come and go, but one that has come and seems here to stay is the bezel setting. The bezel setting has been in existence for hundreds of years, with some examples of bezel-set stones dating back to Ancient Egypt and Roman Empires. Today though, bezel set engagement rings are seeing a revival in popularity.

The simple and elegant look of a bezel gives rings a unique and timeless look that no other setting can create. Bezel settings can work with any cut diamond and are great for a sturdy yet dainty setting.

This year celebrities like Lily Collins said yes to a bezel set engagement ring. Collin’s ring features a rose-cut and bezel set diamond in yellow gold. Rooney Mara also said yes to a unique hexagon shaped diamond bezel set in white gold.

Bezel settings can be versatile and glamorous, staying on trend for decades and likely not going anywhere any time soon. If you are looking for a sturdy yet stunning setting, consider a bezel set engagement ring!

Pearls Plus Diamonds

Pearls are having a moment, especially in celebrity engagement rings. The pearl engagement ring is not new, but it is seeing a revival. For some pearls are a symbol of elegance, emitting a classic and pure essence. For others, pearls represent perfection and incorruptibility. For celebrities who recently got engaged with a pearl ring, there might be meaning or there might just be the stunning and unique design that is starting to trend.

Ariana Grande said yes to a diamond and pearl engagement ring that features an oval cut and natural pearl set on white gold or platinum. Emma Stone recently also said yes to a unique pearl engagement ring that has a vintage appeal. A precious pearl is set in nearly half a carat of diamonds in a flower shaped halo on a 18k gold band with stunning side stone detailing.

If you are looking for a unique and vintage engagement ring that is right on trend, adding a pearl may be the trick for you.

Trilogy Rings

Three-stone rings, or trilogy rings, are not new to the engagement ring trends scene, but they are coming back stronger than ever. In part thanks to Megan Markle’s stunning three-stone engagement ring that features two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection, trilogy rings are gaining popularity once again.

Three-stone rings can symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity – the perfect trio of sentiment for an engagement ring. Rings with three stones can be made with a variety of diamond shapes and gemstone types, creating a really customizable ring design. Celebrities like Paris Hilton recently said yes to a three-stone ring, hers featuring a massive emerald cut flanked by trapezoid accent stones.

If you are looking for a modern-day take on a classic setting, considering a trilogy ring with three stunning stones could be a great choice.

Go The Custom Route

The best way to make sure the ring of your dreams becomes a reality is to have a custom-made engagement ring. By working with an expert designer and jeweler, you can easily combine elements of your favorite celebrity engagement rings to create your own stunning and one-of-a-kind ring.

Whether you are looking to jump on the toi et moi trend or stick with something more classic like a bezel set engagement ring, make The Diamond Reserve your choice for all of your customizable forever jewelry needs. Book your one-on-one appointment today and get started on brining the ring of your or your partners dreams to life.