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5 Fun Engagement Announcement Trends

Did he finally pop the question?  Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences of our lives and wanting to share the moment is only natural. Why go with a simple ‘We’re Engaged’ message on Facebook, when you can get creative and make your announcement fun?  

Fun and creative ways to share your engagement announcement

1. Pose with the ring: There is no mistaking what the sparkly diamond on your finger stands for. A picture on social media of you and your love posing together with the ring on your finger doesn’t even need a caption. A sweet picture of the two of you holding each other close with your hand up displaying the ring will get the message across. Or you could post a picture of you two locked in a kiss with your hand on his cheek showing off the sparkly.


2. The contrasting picture: An alternative to you posing with the ring could be a picture where you hold your hand out front and put the ring in focus. You and your significant other in the background slightly blurred out will bring attention to your hand and put the message out there loud and clear.


3.Props: Little notes, signboards, balloons, and mugs are all props you can use to announce your engagement. Messages like Just Engaged, I asked accompanied by I said yes, He put a ring on it, can all be used to share the good news with the world. Pictures with these messages displayed on balloons, mugs, signposts and so on make for a creative way to spread the word.


4.Pets: If one or both of you have pets, then there is nothing cuter than having them pose with the message. Getting your pets to pose with signs like “Mum and Dad are Engaged” or “My Humans are Tying the Knot” is an adorable way to make your announcement. You could also pose with your pet for a lovely family picture that either displays your engagement ring or has a little sign up with the announcement on it.


5.Go live: With social media allowing for real-time updates, you could actually get someone to film the proposal and have it stream live on social media. Gentlemen, if you want to surprise your lady while out on a romantic dinner, you might want to plan this well. Involve a waiter or a friend and have them discreetly be ready with the camera just before you are about to pop the question. If you are both in on the proposal, you could hire a professional to film it or take a few pictures that you can post on social media.

Getting engaged is a memory that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Make it as big or as small as you want, make it simple or wildly creative, but at the end of the day, your engagement announcement should match your style.