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5 Considerations to Make When Designing Your Custom Engagement Ring

Are you like the many millions of women who spend hours perusing the gorgeous images of brilliant engagement rings on Instagram and Pinterest? Don’t be shy, we have all been there. Thankfully, you don’t have to be rich to own one of these brilliant engagement rings. Instead of settling for a cookie-cutter ring from a big box store, consider opting for a custom designed engagement ring.

More couples than ever are working with private jewelers to custom design the exact look they want, often at surprisingly affordable prices. At The Diamond Reserve, we have a lot of experience helping couples just like you create the custom engagement ring of their dreams at an affordable price. It is vital to employ the assistance of an expert like The Diamond Reserve when designing a custom ring. This is the easiest way to ensure that you do not make any of the five mistakes many people make when designing a custom ring.

Here are the five mistakes to avoid when designing a custom engagement ring.

1. Find a Jeweler You Can Trust

This is the most crucial aspect of designing a custom engagement ring. From word-of-mouth to online reviews, it is important to carefully review and vet a jeweler before embarking on the next phase of this journey. It is important to choose a jeweler with an excellent reputation. It is also important to make sure the jeweler or diamond broker you are working with only deals with GIA certified stones. This is a true mark of an expert you can trust.

2. Never Rush The Process

It is vital to allow plenty of time for your jeweler to design and create your ring. The wait time can vary dramatically from jewelry to jeweler and design to design. However, it usually takes 3-4 weeks from the time you come up with your vision of a dream ring and share it with your jeweler till he or she brings it to life. A tweak or two may be required, so leave a little wiggle room for revisions. After all, you want your engagement ring to be just right!

3. Be as Specific as Possible

Whether you’ve envisioned your perfect engagement ring since the sixth grade or have only a vague notion of what you want, it helps to have inspiration in the form of photos. If you need an excuse to browse Instagram for hours on end, this is it! Spend time finding a diamond shape you like, as well as a setting that suits your taste. You can discuss with your designer exactly what you like and don’t like about the pictured ring for results that fit your style to a T.

4. Avoid Style Anxiety

Diamonds may be forever, but your current design doesn’t have to be. Just as you can custom-design your engagement ring, you can bring it in later for adjustments. As your style shifts over the years, you can easily change your setting, upgrade your gemstone or otherwise alter your ring to suit your evolving tastes and lifestyle.

5. Focusing on Carat Weight

When it comes to imagining your engagement ring, you probably imagine a large rock that shines brightly. But did you know carat weight has very little to do with the diamond’s brilliance? The cut is really what determines a diamond’s brilliance. It is the facets left behind by the cut that determine how a stone reflects light thus affecting its brilliance. Choosing your cut carefully will allow you to maximize your rings sparkle and shine.  

Need help designing the perfect engagement ring? No problem. The experts at The Diamond Reserve are here to help. We have the experience and expertise to help couples design the perfect ring.