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10 things never to do when wearing your engagement ring

Your engagement ring likely cost a pretty penny. You probably want to wear your ring all over town to let it be known that you are taken. Yet doing so actually puts your ring in serious jeopardy. Take heed of the activities to avoid as outlined below and you’ll keep your engagement ring in tip-top shape.

shutterstock_779794061. Swimming

It is quite easy to hop right into the water without even giving thought to your engagement ring. When skin comes into contact with cool water, it shrinks, allowing rings to slide right off. Be extra careful when swimming with your ring on!







shutterstock_1216115202. Working With Machinery

Sure, it might be tempting to pitch in on jobs around the house. Yet operating any type of machinery while wearing your engagement ring is a risk you should never take. It is best to leave your ring in a safe place so it doesn’t get banged up by machinery.




shutterstock_1292189723. Applying Lotion

Though few are aware of it, lotion and makeup build-up can make your ring not look nearly as sparkly! When applying lotion take your ring off to ensure it always gives off its greatest shine and sparkle.







4. Pumping Iron & Exercising

Remove your engagement ring before exercising. Your ring’s rock might seem hard yet a strenuous activity that places pressure on these metalsshutterstock_76336081 has the potential to alter their shape. Weight machines and free weights can cause your stone to crack with surprising ease. Metal on metal is never good, your ring can become bent! Never never leave it in a locker at the gym either, no matter how safe you think it is.







shutterstock_1471888825. Cleaning

Don’t attempt to clean the oven, the dishes or the house with your engagement ring on. Oven cleaners are infamous for being uber-harsh. Contact with such a spray has the potential to ruin your engagement ring. Don’t slide on a pair of gloves and think it will suffice as protection. The truth is that cleaning products can damage rings after passing through barriers. Even the chemicals in dish soaps can damage your ring’s stone or metal bands.



6. Gardening

shutterstock_363907802Remove your engagement ring when gardening. The last thing you want is a dirty rock contacting your precious diamond and knocking its setting loose.






shutterstock_2146400327. Primping

Even something as seemingly harmless as hairspray and chew right into diamonds, gold and other valuable stones commonly used on engagement rings.






8. Cooking

It might seem like a hassle to remove your engagement ring each time you cook yet it will save you plenty of time and heartache in shutterstock_165369422the future.  Cooking supplies have the potential to damage your ring in all sorts of ways.  Furthermore, the ring will likely get quite messy as you prepare your meals.  Constantly cleaning it off is not the best use of your time.  So go ahead and remove your engagement ring before you start whipping up lunch or dinner.




9. Sleeping shutterstock_294386738

You probably love your engagement ring to the point that you want to sleep with it on. However, this is actually a terrible idea. You might scrape your partner or tear a hole in your sheets if your ring is slightly angular or fairy large. Its always a good idea to let your ring soak in your ultra sonic cleaner overnight anyway, this will ensure your ring is always shining its brightest!