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Why is the Diamond April’s Birthstone?

The diamond has become a symbol of pure love for many couples around the world. Today, its durability inspires countless couples to hold the diamond as a symbol of the eternal commitment and unbroken bonds between lovers. This symbolism has garnered the diamond a spiritual touch as well. Today, the diamond is an integral element of astrology, representing love, luck, and prosperity.

Diamond and the month of April

In astrology, each month has a corresponding gemstone that represents the unique characteristics of each of the 12 sun signs in the Zodiac. Astrologers and gemstone wearers believe that wearing the birthstone protects us from harm and lends our life joy and love.

Just like other gemstones, the diamond also holds a pride of place in the list of birthstones. Based on the analysis of the Zodiac, astrologers believe that the characteristics of the diamond resemble the characteristics of the sun sign Aries. Independent, strong-willed, and optimistic, both the Aries-born and their birthstone, the diamond, shine their brilliant light on the rest of the Zodiac.

A credible nomenclature

To prevent this commercialization of gemstones and to protect customers from being cheated, the American National Association of Jewelers decided to publish a verifiable List of Birthstones in 1912. This list was the go-to source of information for customers who wished to purchase birthstones. In this list, the diamond was placed as the birthstone for the month of April to correspond with the sun sign of Aries.

Diamond as a birthstone

Diamonds form when carbon is subjected to intense force and pressure for millions of years. When they finally become diamonds, these gemstones are hard-wearing, sturdy, stable, and unbreakable. This physical characteristic of the diamond has enthralled people for years. Their ability to survive the odds and come out stronger and more beautiful speaks volumes to April-born people.

Courageous, tenacious, and enthusiastic to begin with, the traits of the diamond resonate with Aries-born people. Diamonds symbolize romance, grace, serenity, artistry, and humanitarianism – all of which are found in the typical April-born. This makes the diamond the perfect birthstone for the month of April.

The physical and spiritual properties of diamonds

Known as an energy amplifier in spiritual communities, the diamond is believed to detoxify the body, freeing people from digestive problems, infertility, diabetes, and dermatological concerns. In order to properly absorb the diamond’s healing properties, astrologers recommend having a 1-3 carat diamond inserted into gold/silver for the best results.

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