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What is a Bangle Bracelet?

A bangle is a type of bracelet that is rigid, ring-shaped and often made of metal. A traditional bangle is a closed circular design, without a clasp closure. In comparison, a bracelet often made from an array of materials is a flexible piece of jewelry typically closed by a clasp. Bangle bracelets have been around for centuries and continue to be fashionable today. 

What is a Bangle Bracelet?

A bangle is a rigid bracelet that has no clasp or opening. Bangles are always ring-shaped and maintain their shape both on and off the wrist. In order to fit over your hand, bangles are generally larger than some bracelets, fit loose and tend to move around. Bracelets are more delicate and flexible, commonly made of links or other connecting components that aren’t molded to hold a particular shape. 

In 1973 a British archeologist discovered a statue of a teenage girl in an excavation of Mohenjo-Daro. The 4,500-year-old statue called the “Dancing Girl” has an arm entirely covered in bangles. The bangle bracelet has also been found in ancient Mayan, Mauryan, Roman and Indian ruins and is historically one of the oldest forms of jewelry ever discovered. Ancient bangles were made of terracotta, stone, shells, copper, glass and other similar materials.

A traditional bangle is a solid band you slip over your hand; another style has a tongue clasp and a hinge halfway around the band. This style offers a little more flexibility since you can more easily slide your wrist through. There are also cuff bracelets, which are really open bangles in disguise. These bangles have an opening you can adjust to be wider or narrower using a bit of finger pressure and are ultra-versatile since you can stretch them to fit anywhere on your arm, whether that’s your wrist or your upper arm.

How to Measure and Wear a Bangle Bracelet 

Many bangle bracelets are one size fits all, commonly with a standard inner diameter of 7 to 9 inches. It’s normal for a bangle to be loose, as long as it doesn’t fall off your wrist. To measure your size, use a tailor’s tape. Clasp your fingers together and fold your thumb in as if you were about to put a bangle on, then measure the widest part of your folded hand including your lower thumb knuckle.

When wearing a thin bangle or bracelet, people tend to layer them, either with similar ones or a number of differently styled ones, you can also opt to wear a single, large bangle which would work like a statement bracelet. The bangle is also an important item of wedding jewelry for many Indian brides, though the meaning and significance varies from region to region and family to family. 

From wrist-to-elbow piles to singular oversized pieces, bangle bracelets are a must-have for Fall/Winter 2022. Options include edgy nut-and-bolt versions like Balmain’s heavyweight take, Saint Laurent’s mixed stacks, and Chloé’s high-polished cuff. When it comes to wrist wear this season, more is more and bigger is better including  hefty-looking bangles worn alone and stacked together and sculptural cuffs.

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