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What Colors Go With Rose Gold?

With its romantic glow and warm tone, rose gold is gaining momentum as a top choice for engagement rings. Its delicate and feminine pink glimmer gives a unique touch to traditional engagement ring rings and jewelry. Putting a twist on elegance, rose gold complements many colors and can be paired with multiple palettes. Whether cool blues, warm reds, or versatile neutrals, we discuss the best colors to go with rose gold below. 


Even though it might seem counteractive, contrasting colors enhance the ravishing pink undertones in rose gold like no other. Beautiful blues can create a calming sensation for poppy rose gold settings. Pair deep navy blue or glamorous royal purple gemstones with gilded rose gold accents to harken in the golden ages . For a softer and more humble contrast, mix rose gold with pretty pastel lavender or powdery baby blue enamel to usher in a serene essence like this ring.  


To encourage the warm tones and pink gleam of rose gold, consider pairing it with lovely reds. Charming and passionate, reds and related colors make ideal partners for rose gold’s fiery shine. Many shades of reds and other warm colors are matches made in magnificent rose heaven. Desert terracotta, pomegranate ruby, adorable blush, and alluring hibiscus combine with rose gold beyond beautifully! The warm reds and pretty pinks are natural fits for rose gold. The red pairings also bring out more coppery tendencies in rose gold for a smashing antique appearance like this wedding band.


Even though rose gold strays from the usual earthy yellow gold tones, rose gold still has an organic feel about it. When looking for a more natural color scheme, neutrals are the way to go. Darker neutrals like moody charcoal grays, decadent chocolate browns, creamy chic tans, and lush forest greens strike more subdued feels than vibrant color pairings. Matching rose gold with darker neutrals contrasts the radiant heat of rose gold with neutrals’ opulent cool hues to enhance both into a lavish jewelry experience

If darker colors are not your cup of tea, off-whites with red or gray undertones result in simple and timeless canvases for rose gold. Charismatic chamomile, dusty eggshell, and ancient ivory lift the red and pink characteristics from rose gold. Resulting in a rosy daydream, pale neutrals leave rose gold wearers draped in sophisticated quality. 

Pulling from all locations on the color wheel, rose gold can pair with a slew of shades, tons of tints, and heaps of hues. With endless color palette possibilities, we encourage rose gold settings and accents on our custom engagement rings. If you would like to design a rose gold masterpiece, give us a call or book an appointment. Your blush creation could be crafted in under a month. Just in time for spring roses to bloom and your loved one to say “I do!”