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What is a Push Present?

Swollen ankles, morning sickness, having to pee all the time, sleepless nights, non-stop hunger and excruciating labor, growing a human is seriously hard work, even when it goes smoothly. A push present is a little token of appreciation, commonly given to a new mother by the father, or someone close to her acknowledging the discomfort and sacrifice she underwent to create a new life. Many of us get presents for birthdays, holidays, and weddings, so why not for babies?

What is a Push Present and Where Did it Come From?

A push present, also known as a baby present or a birthing gift, is something special given to a new mother to celebrate the birth of her child. The term “push present” comes from the idea that the gift is a way to recognize the effort and hard work she went through during labor and childbirth, often referred to as “pushing” during delivery. You deserve to be celebrated no matter what your journey to parenthood looks like, so “push presents” are great for non-gestational parents, adoptive parents, and anyone else who is on the parenthood journey.

Supposedly, push presents originated in India hundreds of years ago, by way of a ritual called Godh Bharai, which means to ‘fill the lap’ where family, mother-to-be, and unborn baby were celebrated, blessed and showered with gifts. Even the Royal Family is familiar with push gifts; when Queen Elizabeth gave birth to Prince Charles, Prince Philip gave her a bouquet of roses and champagne. The idea grew in popularity in Western culture around 2010, thanks to social media where we saw celebrities and the ultra-wealthy getting extravagant push presents like J.Lo’s 2.5 million dollar earrings or Kim Kardashian’s million-dollar choker necklace. 

The arrival of a new baby is celebrated in many ways: baby showers, gender reveals, maternity photoshoots, “babymoons”, etc. A push present is a more intimate celebration that says, thank you for creating new life. Partners have been giving postpartum gifts for moms for decades, the name “push present” is more recent. The idea can be a little weird, but at the heart, it’s a way of recognizing and commemorating the journey of pregnancy, and all that it comes with. You could think of it as a first Mother’s Day gift.

What Makes a Good Push Present? 

One of the most popular push presents is jewelry. It’s a wonderful choice because it’s something you can wear every day for years to remember this special time, and you could even pass it on one day as a special family heirloom. Here are a few simple and elegant jewelry ideas to mark her first moment of motherhood. 

  • Stackable Rings choose your child’s birthstone or symbol to design into a fashionable ring she can wear every day. These rings can be worn on their own or be stacked with more bands as your family grows. 
  • Birthstones can be incorporated into any type of jewelry, although necklaces and rings are the most common. 
  • Name or Initial Necklaces on dainty or chunky chains, in cursive or simple texts. With the abundance of fonts, metals and eye-catching jewels, you can create a unique and highly sentimental piece that you can also add on to in the future.
  • MAMA necklaces are a fun way to celebrate her important new role and can be customized to include birthstones or meaningful charms. 

A push present is anything a new momma will love and find meaningful. Other ideas are a large purse or diaper bag, a plush robe to lounge in complete with fuzzy slippers, luxurious sheets, a fancy coffee machine or comfy rocking chair. She might enjoy a spa day, a meal delivery or cleaning service. The essential element is not really the gift itself but the story it tells, the celebration of a new adventure while also showing your partner that adventure wouldn’t be anything without her.

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