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Keeping Your Romance Fresh While In Quarantine

Don’t let this pandemic take the air out of your sails! Although it’s a stressful time for everyone, that just means that it’s more important than ever to keep your romance in tip top shape. Below are some recommendations for keeping things fresh:

Fun in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, no one has eaten everything (have they?). No matter how creative your meals normally are, this is the opportunity to try new things. “But wait, how’s that sexy?” you might be asking. Trust us, women really appreciate it. That time together is very valuable and will lead to much more favorable outcomes later on.

The Classic Cuddle

This will most likely happen plenty naturally, but cuddle up and watch that show or movie that you’ve been putting off for a while. The comfort and relaxation from snuggling on a couch will help keep you close. Although, while ‘Netflix and chill’ will have it’s obvious benefits, don’t forget to:

Sweat it Out

It cannot be stressed hard enough how much proper exercise contributes to energy and libido. On top of that is the natural benefit of keeping off any unwelcome weight gain, which isn’t going to help our overall case here.

Romantic Games

In our previous post we discussed the idea of a Love Note Scavenger Hunt. If you aren’t using it for a proposal, it can easily be re-purposed into a more romantic version. Of course, there’s also plenty of romantic dice games and other classic games to keep things interesting.

Hint: Truth or Dare can be surprisingly sexy, but the Truth part can backfire if you tend to keep secrets. The Dare part is really where the fun is, so you’ll be the best gauge of whether that’s a good idea.

Hint 2: Sexy Monopoly is never a good idea.

Fashion Show

Last but not least is the classic Fashion Show. Have your partner give you an in-home catwalk performance so that you two can decide on new ways to mix and match your wardrobe. This gives ladies a chance to try on dresses that they may have only worn once or twice so that they can wear them and feel appreciated. It also gives guys a chance to try on that snazzy suit that they bought for a job that they ended up only wearing to the interview.