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How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe

Jewelry theft is one of the most common forms of burglary since items like necklaces and bracelets can easily be taken compared to bulkier items. Whether it’s your grandmother’s pearls or a diamond necklace from your spouse on your anniversary, feeling confident that your precious items are safe at home and while you’re traveling is important. Luckily there are a number of different ways to ensure your jewelry is protected at home and when you’re on the road. Here are some fairly simple ways to make sure your jewelry is safe and secure.

How to Protect Your Jewelry at Home

Jewelry boxes, nightstand and dresser drawers are the first places a burglar looks when attempting to steal expensive items, but simply keeping things out of sight doesn’t ensure protection, especially from contractors or guests that may have easy access and ample time to spend rummaging around your home. We can’t predict when our home might be targeted for theft, but we can take steps to secure our belongings, boost our confidence and peace of mind.

One of the best ways to securely store valuables is to use a lockbox or safe. Burglars are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible, so a great strategy is to separate precious jewels from everyday wear pieces. Choose a safe that’s resistant to fire and water damage, install it out of sight, and ensure it’s securely bolted to the floor or wall so burglars can’t run off with it. Use a smaller safe somewhere else for items used more frequently. Keep your safes out of sight in an unexpected place or use a diversion safe, which is an everyday object that’s been hollowed out and can be used to store small valuables.

Invest in a reliable doorbell camera and home security system that includes alarms, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, etc. Install cameras where they can be seen as the presence of visible security measures can act as a deterrent as well as alert you of and document a crime. Maintain a detailed inventory of your valuables, including descriptions, photographs and appraisals which is useful for insurance purposes and can help authorities in case of theft. It’s also important to insure your jewelry which helps cover your items in the event of damage, loss, or theft, from your home or while you’re traveling. 

How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe While Traveling

Not all jewelry theft is the work of professional criminals, many break-ins are conducted by friends, family members, houseguests, contractors or acquaintances. When traveling, keep your high value possessions secured in your home and take additional precautions such as: 

  • Try to avoid posting your travel plans on social media or that you’re leaving for vacation, instead, post your photos and updates after you get back. 
  • Stage your home to look like someone is there while you’re away. Set a timer for outdoor lights, have your mail picked up so it doesn’t pile up, and ask someone you trust to check on your home. 
  • Make sure your valuables are out of sight and securely housed in a safe, your home is locked up, including all windows and doors, and your security system is set before you leave. 

Be mindful of the jewelry you take with you while traveling, and never check it in your luggage. Keep jewelry on your person or in your carry-on luggage. Avoid displaying valuable pieces in public, and consider using a discreet travel pouch or a portable travel safe to keep your jewelry with you at all times. Request a hotel room or rental with a room safe to store jewelry when you’re not wearing it. If a safe isn’t available, keep valuables on your person or use a diversion safe like a book you would read on a flight or vacation, but is actually meant to disguise your valuables from potential thieves in an unsuspecting way.

By implementing these measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of jewelry theft or loss within your home and while you’re traveling. The goal is to create layers of security to deter thieves and protect your valuables. If you have questions about insuring and securing your jewelry, we’re happy to help advise. Give us a call at 303-385-8449 or click here to schedule an appointment.