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How to Get a Wedding Ring off a Swollen Finger

A stuck ring is known to cause a panic and can be the result of wearing a ring that does not fit properly. Do not jump to cutting your ring off right away. We will discuss why rings get stuck, tips to safely remove a ring, and what to do when that ring still will not budge.

Why Do Rings Get Stuck?

There are various reasons why a ring can get stuck on your finger. Common reasons are the ring is just too small, swelling of the joints due to arthritis, fluid retention, as well as warmer weather. Also if you rarely remove the ring and your fingers change and become larger.

Another reason a ring could get stuck is from any injury to the hand or arm, such as a fracture, often leads to swelling to the fingers or hand. It is always best to have a medical professional assist you when removing a ring from a swollen finger due to an injury. Attempting to do it yourself in these situations could be dangerous.

What Are Tips To Safely Remove A Ring?

The first thing you always want to try is to reduce the swelling. You can do this by elevating the hand overhead for about ten minutes and placing ice around the swollen finger. By raising the hand above the head will allow gravity assist you by keeping blood flow out of the finger. This approach alone may reduce the swelling enough to safely remove the ring from the finger.

After icing and elevating your finger and the ring is still not coming off the swollen finger try adding a lubricant. This will help lesson the surface tension between the skin and the ring, making it easier to remove the ring from the finger. Some great lubricants to use are Windex, soap and water, oil, and lotion.

Is The Ring Still Not Moving?

If the ring is still not budging from the swollen finger you may need to seek professional help. If your ring is stuck due to an injury or you are in pain, always head to your doctor first. If you do not need to seek medical help call your jeweler. They will hopefully be able to cut off your ring in a way to save it from any further damage.

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