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Hexagon Diamonds

Take a Chance on Hexagons

Diamonds, just like people, come in a vast range of shapes and sizes. Finding the shape diamond that fits you is incredibly important. A hexagon diamond adds daring and unexpected edge to any design. The distinctive form and futuristic appeal of hexagon distinguishes them from the crowd of ovals and rounds. Below, we run through the key factors of hexagonal diamonds.

Hexagon Diamond Basics

Let’s start with the 411. A hexagon diamond is six-sided. The unmistakable sharp shape has pointed corners. Hexagons, because of their geometric and contemporary appearance, make notable center stones. Its shape is ideal for three stone rings, for the stone’s flat sides call for trillions or emerald company.

Hexagon Diamond Cuts

Hexagon diamonds can be cut in two different fashions. The facet structure of a brilliant cut hexagon diamond is comparable to that of round or cushion shaped diamond. This facet arrangement produces the glittering and gleaming effect brilliant cuts are celebrated for! As a result, brilliant cut hexagon diamonds sparkle like sunlit snowflakes.

Along with brilliant cuts, diamonds can be step-cut. The facets of a step-cut hexagon diamond resembles those of an emerald or Asscher shaped stone. This cutting technique has wider, parallel facets. Step-cut hexagon diamonds have the quintessential “Hall of Mirrors” appearance. With the light reflecting intensely between the rows of facets, this optical illusion draws in admirers’ gazes and is difficult to pull away from.

Hexagon Diamond Ratio

The proportion of a hexagon diamond is entirely up to you. Hexagon diamonds can be found in the traditional 1:1 ratio. Ideal for those looking for a standout center stone, the equivalent ratio lends balance and symmetry to any engagement ring.

Additionally, hexagon diamonds are often found in elongated styles. The elongated ratios work wonderfully for those committed to east-west or multiple stone settings. Whether lengthened or uniformed, hexagons have some of the widest range of ratios out of all diamond shapes. View a line up of hexagonal diamonds and you will be hard pressed to find two that match.

An upcoming star in the diamond world, hexagons are the shape for those searching for true singularity. Remarkable in every way, hexagonal diamonds push ordinary engagement ring boundaries to achieve high fashion aesthetic. Book an appointment today to venture past round diamonds and take a chance on the newest star of geometric diamond shapes.