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Cushion Cut Diamonds: A Buyers Guide

For years the diamond shape of choice for many brides was the brilliant round cut diamond, but today’s brides are looking for something more glamorous. Popular among celebrities and everyday brides alike, cushion cut diamonds add a bit of romance and elegance to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

What is a cushion cut diamond?

A blend of the modern round brilliant cut pattern and the old mine facet pattern, a cushion cut diamond is designed with large open facets to emphasize the stone’s color and clarity.

How to choose the right cushion cut diamond?

Unlike many of the  10 most popular diamond shapes, the standards for cushion cut diamonds vary.  But, there are a few elements you must take into consideration before you purchase a cushion cut diamond.

First, identify your ideal ratio. While the classic cushion cut diamond is a square, there are also rectangular cushion cut diamonds with a larger length-to-width ratio. The optimal length-to-width ratio of the diamond will depend on the shape chosen. For example, if you choose a square cushion, we recommend choosing a diamond that is between 1.00 and 1.09 times as long as it is wide.

Note: For the best depth in a cushion cut diamond, try to stick to a depth percentage under 70% and a table percentage under 70%.

Next, take a moment to really consider the type of facet arrangement you prefer. Here are the three options to choose from:

Cushion Brilliant – Similar to the faceting arrangement of round brilliant cut diamond, this type of Cushion cut diamond contains larger facets and does not have the “crushed ice” appearance. Designed to resemble a star, this stone’s facets extend from the center of the pavilion out toward the girdle.

Cushion Modified Brilliant- A variation on the original cushion brilliant, this style of cut allows the cutter to save more weight from the original rough, which makes this stone a more affordable version without losing any of its brilliance. In fact, this style includes an extra set of facets along the pavilion creating an incredible sparkle and added brilliance to produce that “crushed ice” look.

Once you decide on the cut and facet arrangement, it is time to consider the stone’s color, clarity, and carat weight. The color of your diamond is often determined by both your budget and taste, but we recommend never purchasing a diamond with a color grading below an H. For clarity we recommend sticking with an  SI1 clarity grade or better. Cushion cuts have a large open table, which means that it may be difficult to find an eye-clean SI2. Depending on the clarity and color chosen, you may find that your carat selection may be quite limited based on budget constraints. So focus on finding a diamond with the right measurements (length x width) within the carat weight range you can afford.

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