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Can You Remove An Engraving From A Ring?

Engraving a ring is a great expression of love and endearment that adds a fun and personal twist. But what happens when you no longer want the inscription? You can remove it! We will discuss the process of removing an engraving, how to engrave a ring and the price of removing an engraving.

How Do You Engrave a Ring?

To be able to discuss removing an engraving you need to understand how the engraving is applied in the first place. Most couples will add names, dates, or saying to further personalize their ring.

Most engravings are created by carving the inscription into the surface with a laser and makes a textured engraving that you can feel. But you can also get your engraving done by hand and machine printed.

How to Remove an Engraving from a Ring?

To remove an engraving, it has to be lasered off the metal in the area of the inscription to level out the texture of the metal. After the engraving is lasered off the ring will need to be polished to restore the ring to a smooth blank surface.

Keep in mind that removing an engraving can be found to be difficult depending on the type of surface. This process remains fairly easy to do with platinum and gold. It is difficult to remove an engraving when dealing with gold plated rings due to the quality of material underneath the plating.

What is the Cost and Turnaround Time?

Removing an engraving is not as expensive as you would expect. Typically it is the same price as polishing, but depends on the material of the ring. Removing can usually be done in one day.

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