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What Is the Difference Between a Baguette and an Emerald Cut?

While emerald and baguette cut gems may look very similar, the rectangular-shaped cuts differ in several significant ways, from size to price. Here’s everything you need to know about the two common diamond cuts, including how to identify them.

Is a Baguette an Emerald Cut?

When it comes to diamonds, cut and shape indicate different features. Two gems may have the same general shape, like a rectangle, but very different cuts, which results in the small facets you can see in the stone.

Both emerald and baguette cut diamonds are rectangular. Baguettes tend to be slightly thinner and longer than an emerald cut. However, the two are different shapes within the category called step cut, meaning the stone’s facets run parallel to each other. This creates a “hall of mirrors” effect with clean lines, in comparison to a brilliant cut diamond with its many sparkling facets.

The key differences between emerald and baguette cut diamonds are in these facets. Emerald cut stones have cut corners, giving a more rounded look, while baguette cut stones do not, which results in a sharper, more rectangular shape. As emerald cut diamonds are often center stones in engagement rings and other jewelry, they are much more detailed and can contain upwards of 50 facets. In comparison, a baguette diamond will typically contain as few as 14 facets.

Are Baguette Diamonds More Expensive?

While emerald cut diamonds are often the center stone in an engagement ring, baguette cut gemstones tend to be side stones because of their smaller size and easier cut, which in turn makes them more affordable. With around a fourth as many facets as emerald cut diamonds, baguette diamonds have a fairly simple cutting process and are generally a smaller carat size than emerald cut diamonds.

However, the affordability and versatility of baguette diamonds make them a staple in all kinds of jewelry, from wedding rings to necklaces. Additionally, the similar look of emerald and baguette cut diamonds allows them to complement each other, particularly in engagement and wedding ring stacks. For example, it’s not uncommon to see an emerald cut diamond engagement ring paired with a wedding band bordered with baguette diamonds.

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