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VVS Diamonds for Custom Jewelry

If you’re shopping for diamonds, you might run across the term “VVS”. It sound technical, but VVS just stands for Very, Very Slightly-included. In short, it means that the diamonds have barely enough inclusions (or faults) to not be considered flawless. This opens up some opportunities for buyers who don’t want to break the bank.

Better Quality For The Price

VVS Diamonds are often discussed alongside flawless diamonds but have a lower price tag because they actually do have inclusions. Since the inclusions aren’t visible, they look flawless and you get them for a lower price point. Of course, if someone comes up with a 30x magnifying glass then they’ll be able to spot the flaws in your ring, but the reality (and the consensus that some shoppers are coming to) is that the only person who would notice such inclusions would be the person wearing it. With VVS diamonds, the owner of the ring often can’t even tell that there are any inclusions.

Of course, there are some minor disadvantages such as being slightly less stable than a flawless diamond, but diamonds are naturally very hard and extremely difficult to break, so that’s not a concern that most people bother with.

VVS1 vs VVS2

There are 2 main classifications of VVS diamonds. Easily enough, they just slapped a 1 and a 2 after VVS for the names.

VVS1 means that the inclusions are closer to the outside and, therefore, less noticeable. VVS2 means the inclusions are closer to the center of the gemstone and will be more visible due to the number of larger number of light refractions. Typically, you want VVS1 if possible, but VVS2 might have a cheaper price tag so it’s going to be a balance of budget vs quality.

Different Tastes for Different Budgets

If you have the budget for them, flawless diamonds simply can’t be beat. For the people who want a visually perfect diamond without the large price tag that flawless diamonds often come with, VVS is an exceptional option.

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