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The World’s Smallest Diamond

This itty bitty diamond is so small that is practically impossible to see with the human eye.  It would certainly be scary to work with these diamonds, because if you ever dropped them, you might never find it again. One of the world’s greatest gem setters, Carlos Caralheiro shared the diamonds with Forbes magazine in order to demonstrate what the size of the world’s smallest diamond is.  These two stones are 0.5mm in size.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre expert gem setter, explained that in all reality it might not be the smallest diamond in the world, because it is likely there are small diamond particles all over the place, but this is definitely the world’s smallest faceted diamond, which means it is a diamond that has actually been cut.  Each diamond has 57 facets, which if you think of that many small cuts being made a diamond that seems miniscule, then you might just realize what a feat that really is.  The amazing Caralheiro, works for the amazing luxury watch brand and wanted to demonstrate the tiny diamonds in the 180th anniversary time pieces while at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Italy.
These amazing creations that develop from using these tiny diamonds are truly amazing and can be seen in an example of one Jaeger-LeCoultre watches in the image below.  The Diamond Reserve certainly loves these beautiful masterpieces and if you enjoy them too, come visit us today to check out all of micro pave diamond pieces.  They might not be as small as the world’s smallest diamond but they are certainly just as beautiful.
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