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The Three Main Reasons Diamonds Are So Valuable

Diamonds are a strange gemstone. They have the least color, but exude the most beauty. They’re not rare, but the global supply is shrinking. By 2030, it’s expected that at least 30 of the world’s major global diamond mines will have tapped their resources clean and will shut down. Of course, we’re always finding ways to extract diamonds and the earth is filled with diamonds. Then why are they so valuable?

We’ll take a look at the top 3 reasons:

#3 – Color (or a lack of)

The world doesn’t have a favorite color. Some like blue and prefer gems such as Sapphires, some like red and would prefer a nice Ruby and green-lovers tend to like Emeralds. The status of color favoritism leads to a split in demand among these several gemstones.

Diamonds are special in that an ideal diamond contains no real color. It’s as translucent and flawless as possible and simply reflects the light that is given to it. With diamonds, it’s not often a debate of color, unless you’re looking at the various, but lesser used colored diamonds.

Additionally, diamonds are something everyone can agree on. When you’re asking your companion to marry you, agreeing on a color for your gemstones would just be another hurdle. But few people currently living would tell you that a flawless diamond is aesthetically displeasing.

#2 – A Rich History

The initial discovery of diamonds and difficulty in obtaining them led only those with the highest statuses to be able to obtain them. As such, they were worn by Kings, Royalty and the Nobles. You can imagine that the masses looked on with jealousy, hoping to one day obtain the same lifestyle.

That desire has been passed through generations and diamonds have transformed into a status symbol which makes them highly sought after.

#1 – Basic Supply vs Demand

Diamonds are not exactly known for growing on trees. As they’re created deeper inside the earth than humans can venture, we typically have to wait for them to be pushed towards the surface far enough to grab them. Even then, the amount of heat and pressure as well as specific conditions required for diamonds to form is pretty strict.

When we discovered diamonds, there were a wealth of diamonds close enough to the earth’s surface and ready to be mined. We’re tapping into that supply much faster than the earth can produce diamonds, however, and even the biggest diamond mines have limited lifespans.

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