The Diamond Reserve is Expanding to Austin, Texas!

The Diamond Reserve is Expanding to Austin, Texas!

The Diamond Reserve is undergoing their first out-of-state expansion to the gorgeous and ever-growing metropolis of Austin. We sat down with Erin Kurtz, the head of the new Austin branch of The Diamond Reserve, to discuss the move, the challenges they had and to get a sneak peak at what we can expect from the expansion.

Dan: Hey Erin, just want to thank you for taking some time off a much-needed vacation to have a chat with me.

Erin: I am so glad to be here!

Dan: So I want to start at the beginning and go back in time a bit to when you and Kaeleigh first met. Knowing both your personalities and how driven you both are I can imagine the first meeting was pretty interesting. Can you tell me a bit about it?

Erin: When I first met Kaeleigh, we couldn’t have been more opposite of one another but we quickly became friends and worked together so well that we realized we have something special going here. We had each other’s backs and support since day one. It’s been such an amazing experience to see how much we’ve grown as a business and I am so thankful for Kaeleigh’s friendship throughout it all.

Dan: That all makes sense and I think everyone could tell she took a liking to you from the start, so much so that I don’t think she’ll ever let you leave. [laughs]

Let’s fast forward to last year, how did the decision to have you open a new branch in Austin come about?

Erin: So I actually told Kaeleigh that I was moving to the country down in Texas because I needed a new change which was such a hard thing to tell her. Once I moved down there, I realized living in the middle of nowhere is not for me, I miss the social aspect of life. My boyfriend and I ended up moving to Austin part of the time for his work and the discussion of opening up The Diamond Reserve began. We did some research of different jewelers in the area and saw there really isn’t something quite like us in Austin. Being a similar city to Denver, it just seemed like the perfect location to recreate what we have going on in Denver.

Dan: And I know she’s excited to have you back on board! In terms of culture, the Denver office has a reputation for sterling quality and for obsessing over the happiness of their clients. Are you aiming for that same kind of culture in Austin or are you going to add a different taste to it?

Erin: Keep it the same! We’re gonna keep the same idea for the new space, still offering everything Denver has to offer but the one difference is that this space will be more like a retail store. Still by appointment only but it’ll have its own store front with jewelry display cases. The space is currently under construction and is going to look amazing. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Bigger and better in Texas, right? [laughs]

Dan: [laughs] And in terms of the actual move, what do you think was the most difficult part of the expansion?

Erin: Finding a space! Retail spaces in Austin are very challenging, we looked at so many different spaces in a lot of different neighborhoods. It took a bit of patience to find the right space and location but let me tell you, it was so worth the wait. We are incredibly happy with what we found and the neighborhood it’s in.

Dan: Which brings me to my next question: I want to give people a bit of a sneak peak if I can, are there any details you can share with us about the office or location? 

Erin: Yes for sure, so the neighborhood is in an area just south of the river called South Lamar. Beautiful neighborhood with lots of great restaurants, boutique shops and you can walk everywhere and really explore.

The office space itself is going to be absolutely incredible. It’s currently under construction. My boyfriend, who is a skilled carpenter, is pretty much doing all of the work himself. We aren’t skimping on any of the details, it’s really going to be a beautiful experience for clients. We’re even remodeling the bathroom in this place, it looks amazing. It’s pretty neat that I get to go into work every day and marvel at what he’s creating for us!  I can send some pictures of the progress we’ve made as well.

[Erin sent me the following photos after our interview]

Dan: I think the readers would really love that! And I’ve got to ask because I got one for my own girlfriend: with how well-received name rings have been, will they be making an appearance in the new location?

Erin: For sure, we’ll always offer that. It’s such a great gift to give someone. I think people love that special touch and it makes it more personal to them. We’ll do more customizable pieces like that such as rings and necklaces for sure!

Dan: Ok, it’s juicy story time.

Erin: [laughs]

Dan: The clients coming to you can obviously be very passionate as this involves the biggest moment of their lives. What’s your most memorable interaction with a customer?

Erin: It’s been a while since I sold a diamond since I haven’t been doing sales and just been working remote for the team.. Let me go back in my brain a bit. Can it be general and not specific?

Dan: Yea, of course.

Erin: You definitely have your “favorite” clients over others so these are the ones you remember the most and it always cracks me up when one of my clients proposes and literally within 10 minutes of him proposing he’s already emailing me with pictures saying “I did it!”. 

They’re so happy with the process that they just can’t wait to tell me. It makes me feel like I’m part of the proposal! I figured I’d be the last person you’re thinking of right now but here I am and it just makes me smile. [laughs]

Dan: I don’t want to keep you too long, so are there any final words you want to say to the people of Austin?

Erin: We’re just so excited to be a part of this new community and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Dan: Awesome, well thank you for your time Erin. It’s been a pleasure!

Erin: Thanks Dan!

The Diamond Reserve of Austin is opening in early April in the Lamar Union Plaza in the heart of South Austin and will be on an appointment-only basis.

For those looking to book an appointment to discuss a custom engagement ring, jewelry, wholesale diamonds or anything else, you can reach them at (737) 738-5223 or book an in-person appointment or virtual appointment through the site.