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The Rise of the Push Present

Swollen ankles, morning sickness that lasts all day, excruciating labor — pregnancy is seriously hard work, even when it goes smoothly. So it’s surprising that it took so long for the concept of the push present — a gift that a partner gives to the mother of his new baby — to really catch on. Not all new moms expect a gift from their partners, but receiving such a token can make an incredibly sweet occasion even sweeter, and giving a push present is a small way to show your partner how much you appreciate what she’s done.

The Beginnings

Little is known about the birth of the push present, but two things are definite: The trend has spread largely through word of mouth, and celebrities seem to be the cause of its recent spike in popularity. When the rich and popular become parents, push presents are often part of the equation.

Celebrities including Ben Affleck, Jay-Z, and Kanye West are rumored to have given push presents. Keith Urban allegedly gave Nicole Kidman a $120,000 cross adorned with emeralds and diamonds when their daughter Faith was born, which is extra generous when you consider that she was born via a surrogate. And after Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins, Marc Anthony gave her a $300,000 diamond ring and diamond earrings that were rumored to be worth $2.5 million.

The State of the Push Present

While push presents are far more common now than they were a few decades ago, receiving such a gift is still a rare and special treat. Today, about 20 percent of American moms report receiving a push present, according to a BabyCenter survey. Jewelry is the most popular push present, for good reason. A new mom can keep, wear and cherish that special piece of jewelry forever, and it will always remind her of her family. (And it doesn’t hurt that jewelry always fits.)

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