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New Nail Polish has Diamonds In It!

Yes, you read that title correctly.  Azature, has just released a nail polish that contains real diamonds in the polish.  The nail polish that was released for purchase on August 14, is selling for approximately $250,000 a bottle.

The polish contains 267 carats of diamonds that are all conflict free.  Azature is said to be the “king of black diamonds” and has built a great reputation as a luxury jeweler in Hollywood.  Azature being the “king of black diamonds” promotes black diamonds as a gorgeous stone that is always timeless and luxurious.  This was the inspiration for the black diamond nail polish.

The nail polish contains hundreds of black diamonds that sparkle and glint in the sunlight.  This polish is the pinnacle of luxury for nail polish.  It surpasses the last nail polish that was the most expensive, Model’s Own Gold Nail Polish that cost $130,740.

Azature’s website confirms that stars such as Rhianna, Fergie, and Beyonce are all fans of the jeweler’s designs and could be some of the first to sport the new fashion trend.

Although The Diamond Reserve is thrilled about this new innovation with diamonds, and although we won’t be carrying the product, we hope that you come visit us for the perfect accessory to your new nail polish.  A gorgeous white or black diamond ring or bracelet could be your next fashion statement.  Get all the glamor of diamonds but without the hassle of wearing several pieces.  It is an understated yet classy look that is perfect for any occasion.