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Miss America Crown: Is It Real Diamonds?!

Since the Miss America pageant was just a couple weeks ago, we thought it might be interesting to examine one of the biggest diamond myths, that the Miss America crow is actually cubic zirconia.  However, the simple answer is “yes!” The crown is actually made up of real diamonds and the structure of the crown actually means something as well.  The down side is that the crown may be real for the crowing but most other times it is a simple rhinestone crown.  Although, the beautiful diamond crown is rarely ever seen or taken out of the safe, the national television broadcasts are on the places where it can be seen.

The crown is kept under serious lock and key and when the contestant or winner is allowed to wear it she is heavily guarded. The crown at the large Miss America pageant is real, but the state pageant’s crowns are not so lucky.  Only two states out of the 50 that compete actually have real stone in their crowns.  These crowns are also rarely ever worn and are mostly on loan from the prominent jeweler in the area.  Pennsylvania is one of these lucky states to have a real gemstone crown, a former winner explained that when it is worn to the Miss America pagent, bodyguards and extra security accompany it.  The crown of Miss Pennsylvania is 27-carats of amethyst with a keystone amethyst and 12 smaller amethysts surrounding it.  There are also 214 diamonds, which equal approximately 12.70 –carats.  The crown is valued at more than $20,000 which is approximately four times the amount of cash that the contestant receives if they win.

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