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Kite Shaped Diamonds

Fly Me to the Moon

In the diamond world, the 4c’s reign king as deciding factors when selecting the diamond that is right for you. Nevertheless, just behind carat, clarity, color and cut, shape rules as queen. Diamonds are available in multiple shapes, and there’s not one shape that is better than the next. Each shape has its benefits. Ranging from brilliant round cuts to Old European mine cuts, there are countless options to choose from when searching for your shape soulmate.

Kite Diamonds Introduction

Beyond the normal and out into the realm of rare shapes, there lies kites. A dashing shape, kites are quickly rising in the ranks of sought out diamond silhouettes. Symmetrical and rhombus-like, kite diamonds are a savvy combination of step-cut, like an emerald cut diamond, and brilliant-cut, like princess cut diamond. Even with a bit less sparkle, due to its step-cut qualities, the kite diamond radiates subtle shine like stars across the night sky.

Kite Diamonds Backstory

With its elongated form and four featured contours, the kite shape has been called colloquially “the diamond cut diamond” for it resembles the same shape kids often draw when attempting to refer to diamonds. Kite-shaped diamonds emerged in the Art Deco period, around the 1920s. Since that time, they have been listed as a fancy cut. The shape is a quintessential side stone for those looking for vintage settings with a twist. Over the past years, the shape has been growing in popularity and is beginning to take off as a centerpiece stone.

Colored Kite Diamonds

When most diamond seekers look for their perfect stone, they search for colorless diamonds. With kite shaped diamonds, many fans of the stone knock tradition over and request color! Kite diamonds come in a wide color variety. From gray, black, yellow, and salt and pepper diamonds, kites’ rarity only heightens when paired with an elegant color tone. Another plus, the shape and color of the stone tends to be more affordable than its colorless, traditional shaped counterparts.

The ideal match for those wishing for a geometric and vintage engagement ring, colored diamonds in a kite shape result in starry night, celestial aesthetic. Often overlooked, because of their inclusions, kite shaped diamonds hold individual characteristics that result in unparalleled pieces of art. If you are looking to explore kite shaped diamonds for your future engagement, give us a call or book an appointment. With each diamond appearing to hold a minute galaxy within its facets, colored kite shaped diamonds can truly fly you to the moon.