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Is a Pear Cut the Same as a Teardrop?

While you may know them as a trendy engagement ring cut, pear cut diamonds have a long history since their beginnings in the 1400s. These diamonds are loved for their distinct teardrop shape, which is why they’re also referred to as teardrop diamonds. From what they are to where they came from, here’s everything you need to know about pear cut diamonds.

What Is a Pear Cut Diamond?

A pear cut, also known as a teardrop, diamond has an elongated, rounded shape that comes to a point, like a raindrop or a pear. This diamond cut is often set in a halo or bezel setting, but a pear cut also looks great as a solitaire. People typically wear pear cut diamonds with the tip of the teardrop pointing up when on a ring.

The brilliant, uniquely shaped cut is often thought of as a best-of-both-worlds combination of the round brilliant and marquise cut. However, like any diamond cut, there are advantages and disadvantages to opting for a teardrop diamond. Here are some points to consider.


  • The diamond may appear larger than it is, keeping costs down
  • Unique shape 
  • Eye-catching sparkle


  • The tip of the diamond may be more prone to damage
  • May be harder to find as they’re less common than other cuts

What Is the History of Pear Cut?

The pear cut was first created by Lodewyk van Berquem, a 15th-century Flemish diamond polisher and inventor of the scaif diamond polishing machine. In the centuries since, it has become synonymous with empowerment, but it can also symbolize tears of joy, especially when featured in an engagement ring.

While they’ve come in and out of style over the years, pear cut diamonds have once again surged in popularity in recent years. While a pear cut diamond is often used as the center stone of a ring, it can also be a unique cut for accent diamonds or as part of a Toi et Moi ring.

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