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How to Polish Your Diamond Jewelry

Whether it is a brilliant diamond engagement ring or a family heirloom, diamond jewelry is precious and often hold sentimental value. Regular caring for your jewelry will help to maintain its shine and sparkle. Diamond rings especially require regular maintenance because our hands are constantly coming in contact with substances that could dirty a ring. From the dirt stuck on your fingers while gardening to the moisturizer that you apply on your skin, the ring picks it all up and in time, starts to look dull and loses its shine.

We have here for you a simple guide on how to care for your diamond jewelry and keep it safe from damage:

Spot the dirt

Before you clean your ring, it is important to know what has got caught up in it. If there is a crusting of dirt or a mix of oil and dust, you should get a jeweler to clean the jewelry professionally. While diamonds are resistant to most cleaning and scrubbing, the metal that it is set in is not. Gold, silver, and platinum are all susceptible to damage from harsh chemicals and scrubbing.

If your ring is just dulled from body oils or lotions, you can clean it at home.

How to clean your ring at home

The first thing to remember is to be gentle. Make a solution of warm water and a little bit of liquid detergent and soak your ring in it for at least twenty minutes, the longer you soak the better. After soaking, use a soft (dedicated) toothbrush to clean out any debris that might still be stuck in the ring. Rinse the ring thoroughly under warm, running water and make sure you clean it off all the detergent. Dry your ring well with a soft cloth.

What Not To Do

As mentioned earlier, the metal that your diamond is set in could get damaged with harsh cleaning methods. Chlorine-containing household cleaners, like bleach, are a big no-no when it comes to cleaning jewelry. Even ready-made products that are made specifically for jewelry cleaning and polishing should be treated with caution. Read the labels carefully of any commercial cleaning products and make sure that the chemicals contained are safe for use on your jewelry. Alternatively, you could buy a product that is chemical-free and non-abrasive. Never use a rough surface to clean tough-to-remove dirt. Scrubbing too hard could scratch the metal or even cause the stone to come loose. Avoid using an ultrasonic cleaner at home because the vibrations could loosen the diamond from its setting.                           

Get a professional check

If you own diamond jewelry, especially antique jewelry, you should take it to a reputed jeweler for inspection every now and then. Don’t clean old pieces at home until you are sure that they are in good condition. A jeweler will be able to repair old jewelry and tighten loose prongs so that you can safely clean it at home.

Be regular with the cleaning and polishing of your diamond jewelry to avoid the build-up of dirt around it. A simple maintenance routine will keep your diamonds sparkling all year through.