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Diamond Shapes and Cuts for the Brave

Portraits, Batmans, Coffins Oh My!

In a world of round diamonds, be brave. This year, eccentric diamond shapes will take off and rare cuts will stand out amongst the secular sea of engagement rings. With quirky diamond cuts and shapes, it’s important to know the lingo. Below, we list a few of the most distinctive and unheard of diamond cuts and shapes.

Portrait Cuts

Art enthusiasts will appreciate this diamond cut. With its frame like lines and falter dimensions, portrait-cut diamonds burst with chic two-dimensional charm. Coming in a variety of shapes, portrait-cut diamonds are difficult to find and take additional care to preserve their dainty qualities.

One way to increase the wearability of the elegant cut is to set the diamond low on the band. With a humble gleam, the cut doesn’t sparkle in the same ways as classic cuts. However, the geometric edges and simple facets give understated opulent energy. The cut is incredibly expressive when paired with salt and pepper diamonds or sapphires. Stones with eloquent colored accents or inclusions read as framed art when paired with a portrait-cut.

Batman Shapes

A modern name, the batman shaped diamond is not something you see everyday. As elusive as the superhero himself, batman shaped diamonds are ideal for those looking for an exclusive and striking shape.

A special combination of step-cut and brilliant-cut, that is morphed to have five sides, batman shaped diamonds are complex. Better known as shield-cut diamonds, the batman diamond carat weight appears larger than it is due to its remarkable dimensions. With less brilliance than its sister kite or hexagon, batman shaped diamonds still come out on top for those searching for novel design and strong facets.

Coffin Shapes

For those looking to take their vows to the next level, coffin shaped diamonds are the ultimate flex. Pulling from the famous till death do us part, some more gothic stone cutters have crafted coffin shaped diamonds to surpass any goths’ dark dreams.

Even though they are not easily sourced, coffin shaped diamonds are easily identifiable. With their tapered sides and elongated appearance, coffin shaped diamonds are magnificent paired with darker colored stones. Black diamonds, grey diamonds, and deep colored rubies give off a mysterious aura when shaped into a curious coffin.

The Diamond Reserve doesn’t shy away from a treasure hunt. We can acquire even the most rare shaped and cut diamonds. With connections throughout the industry, we embrace eccentric diamonds and call on our team to discover the highest quality diamonds in any and all designs. Call us today at (720) 560-3548 or book an appointment today.