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What does your diamond shape say about you?

“Diamonds are Forever.” These four iconic words were created by DeBeers in the 1940s and continue to this day to define the allure of engagement rings. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and clarity, diamond engagement rings are the enduring symbol of eternal love. Since you wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life, it should reflect your personal style. Be it classic, modern, or something unique, some experts say the shape of the diamond you prefer can reveal a lot about who you are.

Significance of Different Diamond Shapes

  • Classic Round. The most popular shape diamond, the circle represents love without end. Designed with 58 facets meant to produce as much brilliance as possible, a round diamond is the choice of traditional romantics who value traits like honesty and faithfulness.
  • Oval. Created in the 1960s, the oval diamond possesses similar fire and brilliance to the round, but its elongated shape can create the illusion of greater size. The oval is a sophisticated choice for those who value elegance, but also like something a little more unique.
  • Cushion. Until the 1920s, the cushion cut was the most popular diamond shape. With its combination of a square cut and rounded corners, it resembles a pillow (hence the name), and it’s a popular choice for those who value romance, elegance, and all things vintage.
  • Pear. A combination of round and marquise shapes with a tapered point on one end, the elongated pear shape indicates individuality with a touch of traditional romance. Also known as a teardrop, the ideal pear cut diamond possesses excellent symmetry.
  • Emerald. While less fiery than brilliant-cut diamonds, an emerald cut’s unique hall-of-mirrors effect creates dramatic flashes of light as the hand moves. Choosing an emerald cut indicates confidence and an appreciation for vintage design.
  • Princess. A relative newcomer, the princess cut was created in 1980 and is the most popular fancy cut for engagement rings. Like round cuts, its clean angles and brilliance work well in just about any setting. Those attracted to a princess cut tend to be self-assured and adventure-loving.
  • Radiant. A vibrant and lively square or rectangular diamond, the radiant cut is a nice alternative to a cushion or princess. Its brilliant-cut facet pattern gives off a beautiful luminance that is appreciated by those who want something a little different but don’t want to stray too far from the classics.
  • Asscher. The modern Asscher cut is similar to the emerald but has larger step facets and a higher crown that give it more brilliance, a trait appreciated by those with a keen eye for style. With its cropped corners and unique “X” shape, it’s a cut many celebrities favor.
  • Heart. Nothing says pure romanticism like a beautiful heart-shaped diamond. These modified brilliant cut stones are a unique and unmistakable symbol of devotion. The ideal heart cut has two perfectly symmetrical halves that come together to form one perfect union.
  • Marquise. The marquise diamond has one of the largest crown surface areas and is a good choice for maximizing the perceived diamond size, making it a perfect choice for those who are deeply romantic and love to impress others.

A Personal Choice

Engagement rings are a highly personal choice and what truly matters is that you select a cut you love. If your heart sings every time you look at your ring, that is all that really matters. Whether you prefer a classic shape or a more distinctive diamond cut, the experts at The Diamond Reserve can help you choose the diamond shape that suits your personality “to a T.”