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Dappled Diamonds

Mysterious and enchanting, interest in salt and pepper diamonds’ exclusive appearance is growing. The wild-child sister of the classic colorless diamond, salt and pepper diamonds have the eternal beauty of diamonds with celestial characteristics of colored gemstones. There are multiple reasons to fall for salt and pepper diamonds. Below, we dive into the speckled history, design, and cost of the ethereal salt and pepper diamond.


Salt and pepper diamonds have a history almost as varied as their inclusions. Unlike colored diamonds’ historical popularity with royal families and fashion houses, salt and pepper diamonds were not traditionally sought after. However, the once casted away mystical diamonds have garnered admiration over the years. With diamond buyers’ perspectives changing, the imperfections of salt and pepper diamonds are now being appreciated in a new light.

No longer labeled inferior, salt and pepper diamonds’ differences in clarity and diverse colors are trending. Some diamond vendors and purveyors have even given the stones their own grading scales. Celebrities and influencers have played major roles in the galaxy like diamonds rise. Social media platforms are circling mystical ring designs featuring salt and pepper diamonds as center stones. Rare and gaining momentum, salt and pepper diamonds are the new shooting stars of the diamond world.


Defining salt and pepper diamonds can be difficult due to their tremendous design diversity. In an attempt, we state that they are colorless diamonds with multiple visible inclusions that put them off the traditional clarity scale. The key word in the definition is colorless. Salt and pepper diamonds are still colorless diamonds; but due to the plethora of carbon and other inclusion types, the diamonds read as being a mary of blacks, whites, and grays. This fusion of colored marks results in their namesake: salt and pepper!

Another curious design characteristic of salt and pepper diamonds is their cut. Salt and pepper diamonds are much like their traditional colorless counterparts in this area, for these diamonds are cut to enhance the diamond’s best features. In classic diamonds, the diamond is cut to avoid inclusion visibility and highlight the stones top grading aspects. Salt and pepper diamonds are cut to show off the most prominent inclusions and showcase the interlocking inclusions. Cutters often resort to unconventional shapes, such as kites, hexagons, and rose cuts, to achieve maximum peppered perfection.


The cost of salt and pepper diamonds varies greatly, just like every other aspect of the diamonds repertoire. Each dappled diamond’s qualities are unique. Not one diamond is sprinkled with salt or powdered with pepper the same. This results in the pricing of salt and pepper diamonds being highly driven by consumer demand and availability.

The difference in amount of inclusions and the reflective design effect of the inclusions drives prices. Salt and pepper stones with highly noticeable features that create webbing, clouds, or matrixes fetch more on the market than diamonds with a lower number of inclusions and less visible variances.

For all who are looking to embed a representation of transformation and appreciation into their love story, salt and pepper diamonds are for you. Set your romance’s symbol apart from others and capture true singularity with a sparkling salted and precious peppered stone. Turing imperfections into virtue, book an appointment today to view our line up of curated salt and pepper diamonds.