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Beyond Diamonds: The Intriguing Symbolism To Some Of The World’s Most Precious Gemstones

For decades people from all over the world have positioned the diamond as the symbol of true love. But did you know in many other cultures, other precious gemstones have symbolic meaning too?  Throughout history, societies have imbued gemstones with significant power and symbolism. In this week’s blog, we will shine a light of a few of the legends associated with some of the world’s most treasured jewels.


Before diamonds became the preferred gem for engagement rings in the early 20th century, Sapphires were the favored choice as the stone’s blue hue has long been considered the color of fidelity.


As legend tells emeralds to protect those that wear them from evil spirits. There is also another legend that says if you place an emerald under your tongue you will be able to foresee the future.


While people in India and Burma believed that rubies provided the owner with safety and peace, the ruby has deep mythical roots all over the world. In medieval Europe, it was thought that these gems guaranteed wisdom, wealth, health and success in love. But the myth of the ruby goes even further back than the Middle Ages as ancient Hindus believed that those who offered rubies to the god Krishna would be emperors in a future life.


Due to this gem’s deep purple hue, the Amethyst is often associated with the Greek God Bacchus. As such in ancient Greece, it was believed by many that this stone could protect the wearer from drunkenness. In more modern times, the amethyst is thought to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted.


Associated with nobility and spirituality, the garnet is a common stone found in the jewelry of Pharaohs and clergymen. In ancient and medieval times, garnets were worn to enhance bodily strength, endurance, and vigor.


Often confused with its darker cousin, the emerald,  ancient Egyptians believe this stone brought the wearer good luck and protect them from nightmares.

Fun Fact: Many of Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually peridots!


Prior to modern cultivation techniques, pearls were once more valuable than even the purest diamond. Associated with chastity and purity, pearls have ties all the way back to ancient China.


According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, topaz is said to bestow intelligence and strength on the one who wears it.


Thought to protect travelers and drive away evil spirits, this stone has been chosen for its protective qualities since the Middle Ages.


Thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign by De Beers in the early 20th century,  diamonds are now synonymous with love and commitment. But before De Beers debut its “ A Diamond Is Forever” campaign, diamonds were thought to symbolize ascension, clarity, and wisdom.

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