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If you are looking for a antique/vintage design in a diamond An elegant Ashoka-cut diamond is the perfect choice. Jim Toth, Reese Witherspoon’s husband proposed to her with a custom designed 4 carat Ashoka-cut diamond. This ring caught a lot of attention because most of the world had never seen this rare cut diamond. An Ashoka-cut diamond is a modified cushion-cut, with a rectangular shape and rounded corners containing 62 facets. This cut was created by William Goldberg and is based from a famous third-century 41.37 carat D flawless diamond. It is named after Ashoka Maurya, one of India’s greatest emperors.

The Diamond Reserve has a magnificent selection of this magical diamond and can help you pair it up with a one of a kind setting. Set up an appointment today to begin your exciting diamond journey.


052412-non-traditional-engagement-rings-9-400 Ashoka cut diamond