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Are Black Diamonds Real?

Black diamonds seem to be a mystery that leave people asking, are black diamonds real? We will discuss the cost of black diamonds and who would want one as well as the commonly asked question, are black diamonds real?

Are Black Diamonds Real?

Yes, black diamonds are real diamonds. As with the colorless diamond, black diamonds are made with exactly the same chemical composition. The biggest difference between a black and colorless diamond is the number of inclusions. Inclusions are tiny dark spots in a diamond and also responsible for giving black diamonds their color.

This makes a very rare and distinctive color diamond symbolizes the same meaning as colorless diamonds, eternal love. Energy, action, and passion are also linked to black diamonds, making them just as ideal for an engagement ring.

Are Black Diamonds More Expensive?

Although black diamonds are more rare than either white or colorless diamonds, they usually cost much less to buy. The major reason black diamonds cost less is because they are lower in demand due to the norm of using white or colorless diamonds in engagement rings and other jewelry. Black diamonds seem to be more of a niche style.

The GIA’s Diamond Grading System is different due to the dark coloring of black diamonds. Other factors that determine cost with a black diamond are carat, cut, shape, and ring style. These factors differ from what white or colorless diamonds rely on which are the four C’s: carat, cut, color, and clarity.

Who Would Want a Black Diamond?

We can all remember Carrie Bradshaw’s big beautiful five carat black diamond from Sex and The City 2: The Best Kept Secret. Big not only captured Carrie’s heart but all of ours when he tells her, “because you are not like anyone else,” and gives her this stunning black diamond engagement ring. Black diamonds increased in popularity since that iconic proposal.

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