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2019 Oscars: The 5 Best Jewelry Pieces

This year’s Oscars featured some jewelry that definitely required the presence of nearby bodyguards due to their sheer beauty and incredible value. Number 1 on our list will likely be obvious, but this year featured a lot of creative, out-of-the-box jewelry pieces as well. The sudden revival of Floral Patterns along with several eco-friendly designs were fresh ideas, but both of those were outdone by the overwhelming presence of mismatched earrings. Although it’s surprising that it took this long to catch on considering people have been wearing mismatched socks for decades.

With that said, let’s take a look at the standout performances:

5. Laura Dern

Photo courtesy of Getty Images; Harry Winston

Dern had 54 carats of diamonds set in platinum casing around her neck in a piece that looks like it could have been used on the set of Lord of the Rings. While undoubtedly heavy, the extra weight around your neck is a small price to pay for the amount of compliments she got.

The piece was appropriately named the “River Cascading Diamond Drop Necklace”.

4. Julia Roberts

Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Kevin Winter/Cindy Chao

A set of earrings that one person on earth could pull on made their appearance on the stage during the announcement for Best Picture. Last week we discussed Star and Melee Diamonds and, coincidentally enough, Julia’s earrings featured a whopping 1,106 of them.

The fact that it requires over a thousand diamonds to make a set of earrings is a testament to why star diamonds don’t see as much use as they should, but if you have the money then you can make it happen.

The large amount of diamonds gives a very ‘crystallized’ feel to the earrings and they’re set in 18-karat yellow gold for contrast. The earrings are very asymmetrical alone, but symmetrical as a pair, and her pink dress complimented them perfectly.

3. Charlize Theron

Photo courtesy of Getty Images; Bulgari

Charlize Theron got an opportunity that few ever experience: to wear a dragon around her neck. Using a fairly simple design (at least in comparison to the others), Theron draped a 360 carat necklace consisting of sapphires, emeralds and diamonds across her fairly modest outfit. Nothing much was needed to compliment her attire, as the jewelry did most of the speaking.

2. Michelle Yeoh

Photo courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images

So many people were focused on earrings, bracelets and rings that they were all the more surprised when they found out Michelle Yeoh was wearing a diamond arm-guard. While technically a bracelet, she had more than 47 carats of diamond in an 18-karat white gold casing that spiraled up her forearm. It might have even been the winner had the number 1 spot not gone to such a lavish piece of jewelry.

Which brings us to the jewelry winner of the 2019 Oscars:

1. Lady Gaga

Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Lady Gaga’s situation was different from the others in that she wore a piece that didn’t actually belong to her. Her neckline was used to showcase the famed Yellow Tiffany Diamond valued at $30 Million.

This diamond is enormous, coming in at over 128 carats. Discovered in 1877, this stone spends most of its time in a vault and was last seen on a neck in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore it for a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” photo shoot.

Naturally, this was a loan and it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing this piece of jewelry again soon. A jewel loses its meaning if it’s not allowed to be shown though, and the guests of the award show certainly appreciated it as the entire guest-list crowded around her to see the famed diamond.