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Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Your forever after awaits

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Your forever after awaits

Heartfelt Meets Handcrafted

Marriage is the most sacred commitment you will ever make. It’s a rare promise that simultaneously holds you to your highest self while embodying your most sincere devotion to your favorite person as you take on the unknown together. 

Forgo a generic, factory made ring and opt for a custom design that not only reflects your spending boundaries, but embodies your love story in all its worth.

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Where Timeless Meets Trendsetting

Although our legacy was built from breaking tradition, we believe that bridal is for perfecting the classics. Whether you’re dreaming of proposing with a simple, yet captivating 6-prong solitaire or you have the perfect antique setting to hold an uncommon gem, we want your forever piece to set your own trend. 

Custom Right Down to Your Investment

There is a myth in the diamond industry that purchasing a custom engagement ring comes along with a scary price tag; when it is often the exact opposite. Trust us when we say that custom does not always mean expensive. 

As the top private jeweler in Colorado and Texas, your budget will always go further at The Diamond Reserve. If you’ve fallen in love with a designer setting, we can recreate it in all its magic for a fraction of the price. Or if you’re not sure where to begin, but have a hard budget to follow, we’re here to explore your options with you. 

No matter your budget, big or small, we are determined to bring your dream engagement ring to life. 

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An Experience to Remember

Our custom process has been designed to give you the unparalleled experience you deserve. We always start by getting to know your story and the meaning behind your proposal in a one-on-one setting. From there we educate you on everything you need to know about diamonds. That way you are knowledgeable about your options, have the tools to ask the right questions and feel confident that you are making an informed decision. 

Once we get educated and become friends, the fun begins! We will guide you through selecting a GIA-Certified diamond before designing every. last. detail. before your eyes. After that we will bring your custom engagement ring to life through 3D rendering where you will revise and approve your final piece for creation. 

Because our fine jewelry pieces are handcrafted right here in the Mile High City, custom engagement rings take between 2-4 weeks. Expedited services are available for those in a rush to get on one knee.