Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

When you propose, that ring will be a reflection of your time together, which is why so many people choose custom engagement rings over generic ones. Custom doesn’t have to mean expensive, complex or gaudy. A custom ring can be as simple as the classic six-prong solitaire or as elaborate as an antique setting with an uncommon gem.

You’ve poured endless effort and care into your relationship, so let’s put that same effort into the ring that will help determine your future together.

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Custom Does Not Mean Expensive

Many people believe that custom for an engagement ring comes with a big price tag, but it is often the exact opposite. Do you have your heart set on a designer setting? We can recreate any setting for a fraction of price.

The best part is that your diamond will be hand crafted right here in Denver, instead of in a factory. Every piece, diamond, and detail will be attended to with care and love, ensuring that the ring is everything you dreamt it would be.

What goes into making a Custom Engagement Ring?

Our process is designed to ensure that the ring is exactly how you imagined it, no matter how simple or complex. We start by discussing what you’re looking for and some of the options available to you. We’ll show you a selection GIA-Certified diamonds for you to choose from.

After that, our expert designers work with you on every individual detail, down to the exact millimeter width of the band. After that, we do 3D imaging of your ring to show you it from every angle. Once we have approval, our designers will craft your ring The average ring typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, but we do offer expedition services for those that need it faster.

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The Highest Quality

We pride ourselves in customer service and high quality diamonds. We’ll make sure that by throughout the process you’re excited, educated and happy so that when the time comes, you’ll be able to pop the question with complete confidence.

Ready to start building the perfect engagement ring? Contact us at the form below or give us a call at (720) 560-3548. We’re here to help you through to the end.