A V-Day Proposal To Remember

Did you know Valentine’s Day is the most popular day of the year to propose?  Already steeped in romance and tradition, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to pop the question. However, just because it is a common day for proposals does not mean you do not need to plan something special for your beloved.  Here are 3 innovative and creative ways to get her to say “yes” this Valentine’s Day.

1.The Book of Love

This Valentine’s Day express your love in every language. Purchase a small journal ( one draped in a red fabric is ideal) and write “will you marry me?” in a different language on every page. To make it extra special, start with the language your sweetheart knows the least about and watch her face as the question begins to dawn on her as she sifts through the pages.  Not sure where to start her is a list of the most romantic languages to use.

  • Spanish: Te Casas Conmigo?
  • Italian: lo sposerete?
  • French: Veux-tu m’épouser?
  • Portuguese: Queres casar comigo?
2. Jigsaw Puzzle

Wrap the puzzle of your choice ( preferably not a complicated one) setting one piece aside. On this piece, you will write “will you marry me” on the back and hide it in your pocket. When you loved one has nearly completed the puzzle she will realize she is missing just one piece. Upon this revelation, produce the missing piece and tell her to read the message on the back.

3.  Photo Album

In today’s world, we make it a habit to document every moment of our lives thanks to our smartphones. But very rarely do we print our photographs anymore.  Which makes this proposal idea all the more romantic and unique.. Peruse your digital photo albums for your favorite couple shots and print them out. Then, take those images and put together a photo album that tells your love story. On the last page of the album leave it blank with a caption “what will the future bring?”  then present her with the ring on bended knee.

Asking the person you love most to marry you should be an exhilarating experience and one you want to tell everyone about. This requires you to plan a proposal that is both romantic and reflects who you are as a couple.  Planning the perfect proposal can be difficult and time-consuming, but finding the perfect engagement ring does not have to be. At The Diamond Reserve,  our expert diamond brokers will help you find the picture perfect ring that she will love forever. Call today for a consultation.  



Engagement Rings: Historical and Traditional Perspectives

The romance of the engagement ring lives on. Where did it all start and how do ring wearing traditions differ across cultures? You’ll be surprised by what you read.

A brief history

It was the Egyptian pharaohs who first used a circular ring with no beginning or end as a symbol of eternal love. The ancient Romans turned this belief into a tradition, requiring the ring to be worn publicly as a declaration of commitment. Though the simplest rings back then were forged from iron, gold rings incorporating gems were fashionable: a blue sapphire stood for the heavens, a red ruby paid homage to the romantic heart, and diamonds were the most sought-after for their indestructibility.

In fact, the Greeks hailed diamond as slivers of fallen stars, offering the wearer power as well as protection. Ancient Indians believed that diamonds assured undying love and safeguarded the wearer against evil forces. The stone eventually came to be associated with Venus, the planet of love and worldly desires, with astrologers recommending it for marital bliss and compatibility.

The trend of wearing the engagement ring took off thanks to Archduke Maximilian of Austria who, in 1477, proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring. Other nobles noticed this gesture and began purchasing diamonds for their bride.

In the 1300s, the Greek Orthodox Church introduced the practice of exchanging rings by the bride and groom at their wedding ceremony. And it wasn’t until World War II that Americans began to cherish the symbolism of the diamond ring. Young married men going off to war would look at their ring and take heart from the fact that their significant other was awaiting their return.

Engagement ring traditions

  1. In North America, engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This custom follows from the belief that the fourth finger of the left hand has the ‘vein of love’.
  2. In Nordic countries, both men and women wear engagement rings. Though a plain gold band is the traditional design, other materials and designs have also become popular over the years.
  3. In India, Russia and Germany, brides wear engagement rings on their right hands as opposed to their left.
  4. French women do not believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They have a preference for semi-precious stones over traditional sparkling diamond rings.
  5. In Argentina and Brazil, many couples wear plain engagement rings on their right hands, which are swapped to their left hands on the big day. It is also common for couples to exchange commitment/pre-engagement rings in metal alloys or even steel.
  6. While Native American tribes are open to a wide array of stones, they have a special liking for turquoise and coral.
  7. The Irish have two main types of engagement rings: Claddagh (two hands clasping a heart at the top of the band, and a crown on top of that heart) and Celtic/trinity knot, a looping pattern that forms a triangular shape at the center.

Today, more than ever, the choice in this symbol of love is extensive. At The Diamond Reserve, you will have no trouble finding a diamond that aligns perfectly with who you are.



4 Factors You MUST Consider When Purchasing An Engagement Ring

You’ve done it! You have found the love of your life, and are ready to make it official. Before you pop the big question, you must first purchase an engagement ring. However, purchasing an engagement ring is a lot more complicated than simply visiting your local mall and picking the first ring that fits your budget.  In this blog, we will discuss the 4 main factors you should never-ever sacrifice or compromise on when searching for the perfect engagement ring.  


Perhaps the most important factor you must take into consideration before buying an engagement ring is your finances.  In general, the rule of thumb is prospective fiances should expect to spend the equivalent of three months salary on a ring.  But this is just merely a suggestion. Before determining a budget for your ring, first, consider your current financial situation. From rent to bills to savings, it is important carefully itemize how much of your salary is dedicated to recurring expenses. Once you have covered all your bases, you will be able to determine what you can afford.

Diamond Grade

Based on the 4 C’s of Diamonds, the grade of your diamond should be paramount on your mind. While you may be able to afford a bigger diamond with a lower grading, the diamond may have many inclusions or be discolored which affect the overall appeal of your ring.  

Band Quality

Designed to be worn every day, it is imperative to purchase an engagement ring that is of high quality and made to withstand basic wear and tear.  We recommend purchasing rings with integrated prongs, as they provide greater security. Rings without integrated prongs are less secure and can leave you at greater risk of damaging or losing the diamond.

Side note: Be wary of any mass market jewelers that sell rings that have a hollow band. Hollow bands are less durable.  At The Diamond Reserve, all our custom engagement rings use solid metal bands that are designed to stand the test of time.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by how many people do not take the style of the ring into consideration when purchasing a ring. Most are so concerned with finding the biggest diamond for their budget they do not consider how the style of the ring will affect how the ring looks on the hand. The last thing you want to do is buy a ring that does not match her style or sensibility. This will almost guarantee that your beloved will rarely wear the ring. What a waste!

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring that meets your budget but exceeds her expectations, look no further than The Diamond Reserve.  Our experts will help you pick the perfect diamond and help you design a custom engagement ring that will blow her mind!


New Year, New Celebrity Engagements

New Year’s Eve is perhaps one of the most exciting times of the year, full of joy and the promise that comes with a new year.  But for two celebrities the holiday brought with it the promise of a lifelong commitment.  

ESPN analyst Jay Williams proposes to longtime girlfriend Nikki Bonacorsi

Known for his insightful analysis on ESPN, the former NBA star took great care planning the perfect proposal.  The proposal took place in a candle -lit suite at the luxurious 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, that Williams arranged to have the entire suite decorated in gorgeous winter-white theme. According to a source for the publication Page Six “White lilies were everywhere and he decorated with white candles.”


After Williams popped the question with a Stephanie Gottlieb-designed ring, the couple joined their family and friends for a celebration party at the hotel’s exclusive club.


Paris Hilton says ‘Yas” to Chris Zylka

On Tuesday, hotel heiress-turned-DJ Paris Hilton took to Instagram to announce her recent engagement to boyfriend Chris Zylka.  “So happy & excited to be engaged to the love of my life. My best friend & soulmate. Perfect for me in every way. So dedicated, loyal, loving & kind hearted. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! You are my dream come true! Thank you for showing me that fairytales do exist.”

The couple made it official while on vacation in the majestic mountain town of Aspen, Colorado.

While the announcement came after the New Year, many locals reported seeing Hilton flashing her 20 carat pear-shaped diamond around at the  10ak pop-up event in Aspen last weekend.




Alexa Ray Joel is Dumbstruck After Engagement To Ryan Gleason

On New Year’s Day,  daughter of celebrated musician Billy Joel, singer and songwriter Alexa Ray Joel revealed that her boyfriend recently popped the question while the couple was vacationing in an undisclosed tropical locale.  

“He said to me: ‘Before I met you, my world was in black and white. You colored it in between the lines.’ It was the most beautiful thing anybody’s ever said to me. How could I possibly say no to that?!?!” the singer-songwriter wrote on social media on Monday.


Upon hearing the joyful news, Ray-Joel’s mother, supermodel Christie Brinkley took to her Instagram account stating “ Under the largest moon on the year, my little Moonbeam got engaged, and I am over the moon with joy for these two!” “Let’s Start Planning a Wedding! (just saying those words just made me cry!)”


Best Celeb Engagement Rings of 2017

Although all engagements are special, nothing gets people more excited and dreaming of romance quite like a celebrity engagement. 2017 has been an especially big year for celebrity engagements, from beloved television and sports stars to a famous and (previously) eligible prince.

Whether you are a celebrity or royal watcher, there were a few remarkable proposals this year with stunning engagement rings to match.

1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

As one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, and a real life prince to boot, the engagement of England’s Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle is what Hollywood fairytales are made of. Like many modern grooms, Prince Harry designed the perfect engagement ring for his beloved, which consists of a gold band, a center stone sourced from Botswana and estimated to be around five carats, and two surrounding stones on either side from the late Princess Diana’s private collection, making the ring practically invaluable in terms of monetary and sentimental value.

2. Holly Marie Combs

Fans of the WB’s beloved hit 90s show “Charmed” may remember Holly Marie Combs as one of the Halliwell sisters. Combs recently delighted her fans and Instagram followers with the news that she was engaged, showing off her oval-cut engagement ring.

3. Miles Teller

Actor Miles Teller became one of the many celebrities to propose this year with a platinum square-shaped diamond in a prong setting.

4. Patton Oswalt

Finding love again after the tragic death of his first wife, comedian Patton Oswalt proposed to his girlfriend with a beautiful platinum emerald-cut engagement ring.

5. Katie Cassidy

Daughter of the late David Cassidy, actress Katie Cassidy became engaged with a stunning five carat plus marquise diamond engagement ring.

6. Michelle Branch

Singer Michelle Branch and fellow musician Patrick Carney from the Black Keys got engaged this year. Carney proposed to Michelle with a one-of-a-kind art deco engagement ring.

7. Kaley Cuoco

Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco celebrated both her 32nd birthday and a wedding proposal when her boyfriend Karl Cook proposed with a pear-shaped diamond and pavé band.

8. John Cena

WWE stars John Cena and Nikki Bella become engaged this year when Cena proposed with a round cut four carat diamond during WrestleMania 33 back in April.

9. Kirsten Dunst

Jesse Plemons proposed to the actress with an oval solitaire diamond surrounded by baguettes on a gold band.

10. John Stamos

The former TV uncle to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin McHugh with an elegant emerald cut diamond in a platinum setting.

To find the perfect engagement ring for you, contact us today by calling 720-560-3548 to schedule an appointment in Denver today.


A Guide to Diamond Buying During Retail’s Busiest Time of Year

The holiday season is a popular time to buy diamonds. Engagement proposals spike on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, while many people who don’t have marriage on their minds purchase diamonds as gifts for their loved ones. During this busy shopping season, use these tips to ensure you get a good deal on your diamond.

Don’t Be Swayed by Sales

Some experts claim that high-quality diamonds never go on sale, even during the discounting frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You might be able to get a good deal on diamond settings, but don’t expect to be able to snatch a flawless gemstone for a bargain price. Unsold diamonds don’t depreciate in value like many other expensive gifts, such as smartphones and tablets, so retailers don’t have the same motivation to sell them off cheaply. If you want a diamond that excels in clarity, cut, color and carat, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a fair price.

Remember the 4Cs

One way to avoid being swayed by offers that aren’t as good as they seem is to keep your focus on the 4Cs of diamond buying – cut, color, clarity, and carat. Diamonds that score highly on all of these metrics are worth paying a higher price to obtain.

Schedule an Appointment to Avoid the Rush

During the busy Christmas shopping period, retail jewelry stores can be very busy. Sales assistants may not have the time to answer all of your questions about the diamonds they sell. Some stores may take on additional staff during this period, which means you could end up getting advice from an employee who has little experience in diamond buying. One way to beat the rush is to schedule an appointment with a diamond broker. This gives you time to discuss your diamond buying needs and find the stone that is perfect for you.

Plan Ahead

Buying a diamond is a big commitment, particularly if your reason for buying is to propose marriage. Give yourself plenty of time to make this important decision by starting your shopping well in advance of Christmas Eve.


A New Market of Diamond Buyers Has Risen: Single Women

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why should any woman wait for a man to buy them for her? Single women are a rapidly growing market for the diamond industry. With many women marrying later in life or deciding to reject the tradition entirely, diamonds are no longer restricted to their role as symbols of love. Many women are buying diamonds as gifts for themselves to celebrate important milestones in their lives.

Marriage Trends Are Changing

In 1990, well over half of all adults between the ages of 18 and 55 were married. However, marriage rates have declined dramatically. Today, only 39 percent of working-class adults in this age range are married. Although marriage rates have not declined as rapidly among middle- and upper-class Americans, many people in these groups are choosing to marry later; in many cases, they want to wait until they have finished working their way through college and graduate from school. As a result, a woman in America today can spend a very long time waiting for a diamond ring if she relies on a man to buy one for her.

Single Women Love Diamonds

Women today have much higher levels of income and financial independence than their female ancestors. For the first time, large numbers of women can afford to buy jewelry for themselves. Sales of diamonds to single women are booming. According to the 2017 Diamond Insight Report, self-purchases of non-bridal diamond jewelry made up 33 percent of sales in 2015 compared to just 23 percent in 2005. While men still love to give diamonds to women as gifts, it’s clear that singles are also willing to splurge on special gifts for themselves.

What Are Women Buying?

In China, Japan, and the United States, diamond rings account for more than half of the diamond jewelry gifts women buy for themselves. However, earrings and necklaces are also popular choices. As this new market of diamond buyers continues to grow, jewelry designers will need to push themselves to create beautiful pieces that catch the eye of the female consumer.


4 Tips for Couples Shopping for Engagement Rings Together

Regardless of if you have been flipping through issues of Bride magazine, talking with your married (or soon-to-be-married) girlfriends or just browsing online, there is a good chance you know what engagement ring you want.

However, you still put it in the hands of your future fiancé to shop, right? What happens if he wants you to come along? While this adds a bit of complication to the situation, there are some tips that can help you get through this experience.

1. Do Your Research

Before going shopping together, you need to become familiar with the four C’s. This includes carat weight, cut, color and clarity. If you know what shape diamond you want, it will narrow down the options pretty quickly.

Each cut is going to have a different price, with round cuts being the costliest. If size is important, you can get a more affordable price by choosing a less expensive shape.

2. Don’t Forget About the Metal

While a platinum setting may be considered the “norm” today, they are also going to be the most expensive. In addition to being higher in regard to price range, this is also a high-maintenance metal. Because it is so soft, it will get scratched much more easily. Be sure to consider if this will complement your lifestyle and if not, choose a more durable metal such as 18k white, yellow, or rose gold.

3. Size Matters (and It’s Okay to Feel This Way)

There are some people who want a large stone rather than a clearer one. However, others want a diamond that is as clear as possible, regardless of the carat count. It is okay to tell your future fiancé what size stone you want, but make sure you are also flexible to fit any budget limits they may have.

4. Remain Subtle

One of the most difficult ways to shop with your guy instead of having him pick out the ring by himself is that you will have to give your opinion about all the options. While this may seem ideal, it can be a bit tricky to find a balance between your dream ring and reality.

There are discreet ways you can give your opinion without sounding so unrealistic. Take some photos along of rings you like, including your dream ring. This way he has options.

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there are several factors to consider. When you are shopping with your partner, using this checklist can help you both either choose a ring or custom design a ring that matches your style and budget.


10 Things About Ring Buying You Need to Know

Buying an engagement ring is a big decision. With any luck, this ring will be a part of your life for decades to come. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a ring to celebrate your engagement.

1. Diamond Shap
The shape of the diamond is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a stone. The outlines and contours of a diamond’s shape have a significant impact on how much a ring sparkles in the light. If you’re looking for a diamond that is as bright and brilliant as possible, select a round shape. Round diamonds offer maximum sparkle. However, other shapes, such as pear, oval, princess or emerald, provide alternatives if you want a ring that is as unique as your marriage.

2. Diamond Cut
In addition to the shape, the cut of the diamond is another important factor as it has the greatest influence on the diamond’s sparkle. Diamonds that are cut with proper proportions reflect light from the top of the stone ( referred to as the table by gemologists). If the diamond is not cut properly or too shallow, the diamond will leak light from the bottom and the sides, which can give it a dull appearance. In order to ensure your diamond has the proper cut, look for stones with a cut grade of either a Excellent or Very Good.

3. Diamond Clarity
Diamond clarity is a measure of how many internal flaws, or inclusions a diamond has. The highest diamond clarity grade is FL (flawless). Diamond experts recommend a clarity of at least S12!

4. Diamond Carat
Carat weight describes the size of a diamond. In general, it’s more important to get a quality color, cut and clarity than to blow your budget on a huge diamond that is poor quality. For more on the importance of carat weight check out this blog.

5. Diamond Color
When it comes to diamonds, colorless is the gold standard. The less color a stone appears to have the higher the stone is valued. Similar to the cut, the color of a diamond is evaluated and graded on a scale designed to determine its value. The Diamond Color Grade Chart ranges from D( Absolutely Colorless and highest value) to Z( Noticeable color, lowest value). At The Diamond Reserve we recommend a color grade of J or higher for engagement rings!

6. Diamond Certification
Experts recommend buying a diamond with a certification from either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA is the only non-profit grading laboratory, their mission is to protect the consumer and their purchase, grading diamonds very strict to ensure the value of the diamond for the consumer.

7. Band Material
Gold and white gold are traditional materials for engagement rings. Many people also opt for platinum, which is very durable and unlikely to cause allergic reactions but costs more. Rose gold has recently been trending, as well as two tone gold engagement rings! If you have allergic reactions to certain metals, choosing the right band material will be very important for you. Otherwise, it is a matter of personal preference.

8. Ring Styles
Engagement rings come in a huge variety of styles. Some of the most popular designs include solitaire, halo, and three-stone. Browse engagement rings on Pinterest to see which engagement rings styles attract your attention.

9. Custom Rings
If you can’t find a ring design you like, you can design your own custom ring. When working with a ring designer, be sure to listen to the expert’s advice about diamond shapes and design styles that work well together. The Diamond Reserve specializes in custom rings, so we can help you find a design that is perfect for you.

10. Ring Prices
Before you start ring shopping, set your budget. The biggest factor in ring pricing is the size of the diamond, so if you have less to spend, you may have to opt for a smaller stone. However, there are many small-stone rings that offer subtle beauty for an affordable price

Is a Diamond’s Carat Weight Really All That Matters?

Even if you’ve never set foot in a jewelry store before, you’ve probably heard that diamonds are graded using the four c’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. While all four elements affect the diamond’s worth it is often the carat that makes the biggest difference.

What Does Carat Weight Mean, Anyway?

As you might guess, the carat of a diamond refers to its weight. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams, or 100 points. The points system is how jewelers are able to determine a diamond’s weight. For example, a 45-point diamond is one that weighs a little less than half a carat.

Understanding carats is important because it allows you to judge exactly how heavy and valuable a diamond is. But, does it really matter the most? Well, that answer comes down to personal preference.

Why Do Carats Matter?

It’s true that many people, including some who work in the jewelry industry, do consider carat weight to be the most important of the four C’s. After all, it’s the measure used to determine a diamond’s size, and larger diamonds are worth more than smaller ones.

However, you should look beyond carats when choosing the perfect diamond. For one thing, weight doesn’t tell the whole story. A heavier diamond that is poorly cut and has a murky yellow tone may be worthless (and be less appealing to look at) than a lighter gem that is well cut and nearly colorless but has a smaller carat weight.

Here’s the biggest reason why carats probably won’t be a huge concern while diamond shopping: unless you have your heart set on buying a diamond with a huge price tag, you’ll find that the gem’s appearance is probably the most important deciding factor. If that’s the case, carat weight may actually be the least important of the four C’s to you.

If you’re buying a diamond for your partner, try to figure out how much carat weight matters to her. She may have her heart set on a 2-carat gem, or she may be perfectly happy with a smaller diamond of high quality.

All of the four C’s matter, and which one matters most will depend on what you’re looking for. Sitting down with a diamond broker at The Diamond Reserve is the first step. A broker can help you determine the shape, size, and quality of diamond you’re looking for and help you find the best one that fits into your budget. Contact The Diamond Reserve today to get started!