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Can You Remove An Engraving From A Ring?

Engraving is a special way to customize a piece of jewelry with a special date, phrase or symbol. Choosing an engraving on a wedding ring is a great way to express love and endearment and adds a fun and personal twist, but what happens when you no longer want the inscription? While there are a […]

November 13, 2023

How to Take Care of a Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is a timeless jewelry staple that adds sparkle and sophistication to any style. While the tennis bracelet wasn’t created specifically for tennis players, it was a particular game that helped rebrand it, and ensure a design secure enough to be worn daily, including being able to withstand active lifestyles. Despite its durability, […]

September 4, 2023

What is a Push Present?

Swollen ankles, morning sickness, having to pee all the time, sleepless nights, non-stop hunger and excruciating labor, growing a human is seriously hard work, even when it goes smoothly. A push present is a little token of appreciation, commonly given to a new mother by the father, or someone close to her acknowledging the discomfort […]

August 7, 2023

What Are Accent Diamonds?

Accent diamonds are smaller stones set on either side of a larger center stone that emphasize the bigger center stone, and are commonly used in engagement rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, earrings and gemstone rings. The intent of accent stones is not just to accentuate the beauty of the center diamond, but also to enhance the […]

July 24, 2023

How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe

Jewelry theft is one of the most common forms of burglary since items like necklaces and bracelets can easily be taken compared to bulkier items. Whether it’s your grandmother’s pearls or a diamond necklace from your spouse on your anniversary, feeling confident that your precious items are safe at home and while you’re traveling is […]

July 17, 2023

Stones to Avoid in an Engagement Ring

Designing the perfect engagement ring and choosing the gems is an exciting endeavor, and while there are numerous stunning stones to choose from, it’s important to be aware of certain stones that may be less suitable due to durability or other factors. We want to ensure your ring remains beautiful and resilient for a lifetime, […]

June 26, 2023

What Does the Clover Symbol Mean in Jewelry?

Symbols have long held significant meanings in jewelry, conveying messages and evoking emotions. One such symbol is the clover, which has captivated people’s imagination and found its place in all kinds of design, including jewelry. Let’s delve into the rich symbolism behind the quatrefoil shape in jewelry, uncovering its historical roots, cultural associations, and the […]

June 19, 2023

What is a Lariat Necklace?

Jewelry has long been cherished for its ability to express personal style and add a touch of flair to any outfit. Among the many types of necklaces available, the lariat stands out as a versatile, customizable and captivating choice. Let’s explore their unique design, styling possibilities, and the timeless appeal that’s made them a choice […]

June 12, 2023

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

Evil eye bracelets have gained popularity in recent years thanks to their unique designs and perceived ability to ward off negative energies. Rooted in ancient folklore and cultural beliefs, these bracelets are believed to protect the wearer from the malevolent gaze of others. Let’s delve into the origins, cultural significance, and scientific perspectives surrounding evil […]

June 5, 2023

What is a Bar Necklace?

A bar necklace features a long, narrow bar-shaped pendant as its centerpiece which can be oriented vertically or horizontally. These necklaces are known for their sleek and minimalist design, making them a popular choice for both casual and formal wear. There’s no denying that these easily customizable necklaces are here to stay, and a classic […]

May 22, 2023

How To Wear An Initial Necklace

Initial and nameplate jewelry are one of the most fashionable ways that monograms show up in today’s latest trends, but the concept is far from being something new. From ancient Egyptian pharaohs to the Victorain age to hip hop culture, donning initials, names and phrases on rings and necklaces has been a way for individuals, […]

March 27, 2023

Are Toggle Clasps Secure for a Necklace?

Toggle clasps have two pieces, a thick bar and a circle that fit together and are widely used to secure both necklaces and bracelets. While not as secure as clasps that have a lock-type closure, toggles are much easier to use especially with one hand. Toggles are available in different sizes and styles and also […]

March 13, 2023