Can you make a Pear Engagement Ring with a Vintage Vibe?

Vintage engagement rings are classic, timeless, and becoming all the rage. In this post, we’ll discuss what the eras are for a vintage style, what the design and style is for a vintage engagement ring, and how you can design a pear engagement ring with a vintage vibe.

What Are The Vintage Eras?

Understanding the vintage eras is important when designing any type of engagement ring with a vintage feel to it. This will be the first step to designing a pear engagement ring with a vintage vibe. You will want to pick an era that compliments your style because you will be wearing this ring for years to come.

The time periods that inspire vintage engagement ring settings are the: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Retro eras. When designing your vintage inspired engagement ring you are free to stick with one era or incorporate several eras into your perfect ring. Another fun twist to add to your engagement ring is a modern style with a touch of vintage.


What Is The Design and Style For A Vintage Style Ring?

A vintage style engagement ring is a modern ring that was designed in the style of a vintage era. The details of the ring and setting are what truly gives the engagement ring that vintage vibe you are wanting. Some of the most commonly used details are milgrain, filigree, side stones, under gallery, two or multi stone type, and a halo.

A lot of vintage style engagement rings are designed and inspired by multiple eras including a modern look. You are able to piece together your favorite details from each era with the help of a custom jeweler to make your special engagement ring. But if sticking with one era is more your thing than matching the era to the person you are getting it for style is key.


Can You Make A Pear Engagement Ring With A Vintage Vibe?

When it comes to the question of “can you make a pear engagement ring with a vintage vibe?”, the answer is: of course you can. A pear cut diamond is not known as a vintage diamond cut, but paired with a vintage designed setting you will have exactly what you want.

When designing a vintage style engagement ring you are truly making a ring full of character. Each intricate detail will tell your love story in a new and creative way. You are able to pull romantic ideas from the Victorian era or bright colors and shapes from the Art Deco ear to make the ring of your loved ones dreams.

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