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Insider knowledge and inspiration for fine jewelry lovers


Diamond Diaries

Insider knowledge and inspiration for fine jewelry lovers

What is a Heart Cut Diamond?

As a universal and timeless symbol of romance and love, the meaning behind a heart shaped diamond is crystal clear, making it a special alternative to more common diamond cuts. This shape can be used for an engagement ring, as well as for other special pieces of jewelry including necklaces and earrings.  What is a […]

November 4, 2022

How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

Taking good care of your engagement ring will ensure that it continues to sparkle and bring you joy for years to come. From how to carry and store your ring, to cleaning and maintaining it, and knowing when to take it off, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep your ring protected, […]

October 28, 2022

What is a Pavé Setting?

A pavé setting features tiny diamonds or gemstones that are embedded into the shank or band of a ring and held in place by tiny prongs or beads that create the appearance of a line of continuous sparkle. Pavé comes in a few different styles and can easily be combined with other settings to maximize […]

October 20, 2022

What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

As the name suggests, an oval shaped diamond is a symmetrical, elongated rounded shape with high brilliance and sparkle. This fancy shape is a popular and lovely choice for an engagement ring and lends itself well to all sorts of settings including a simple solitaire, halo or three stone. Let’s learn more about this elegant […]

October 13, 2022

What is a Cathedral Setting?

A classic and timeless choice, a cathedral ring can be set with prongs, a bezel or a tension setting, but its defining characteristic is the two arches that rise above the shank or band of the ring to hold the center stone. The center stone can be set higher or lower based on personal preference […]

October 8, 2022

5 Stunning Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends to Try

Love is in the air in 2022! This year, many celebrity couples have opted for unique, expressive, and sometimes extravagant engagement rings. From toi et moi trends, to colorful stones and bezel settings, if you are looking for some inspiration for the perfect ring for your partner, here are five stunning celebrity engagement ring trends […]

October 4, 2022

Are Channel Set Diamonds Secure?

A channel setting is a style where round, baguette, emerald cut, or other shaped gems are placed in between two metal strips, forming a “channel” on the shank or band of the ring resulting in a sparkling row of gemstones or diamonds. This is a very secure and beautiful type of setting that doesn’t involve […]

September 28, 2022

What is an Emerald Cut?

An emerald cut gemstone is rectangular with cut corners. This style is referred to as step cuts, with facets that run parallel to one another creating a “hall of mirrors-like” effect that is more flashy, and less brilliant than other diamond cuts. The emerald is a sophisticated cut, and one that will never go out […]

September 23, 2022

What is a Prong Setting in Jewelry?

Creating the perfect ring or piece of jewelry includes many different steps from choosing the stone and metal to how the gem will be set. A prong setting, also called a claw setting, typically has four to six metal pieces that extend from the basket of the ring over the stone to hold it in […]

September 13, 2022

What is a Bar Setting for an Engagement Ring?

A bar setting features two vertical bars of metal on either side of a diamond or gemstone to hold it securely in place while also allowing a lot of light to enter the stones. This type of setting is often used in eternity, engagement and wedding rings that have a few stones or an entire […]

September 9, 2022

What is a Marquise Cut?

A marquise (pronounced as ‘mar-keys’) cut stone is a beautiful shape that takes the classic curves of a round or oval cut and elongates it with two pointed ends, creating an eye-like or football shape. With a growing interest in unique engagement rings, although a timeless shape, the marquise has a habit of re-emerging with […]

September 1, 2022

How Do Jewelers Resize Rings?

There are a number of reasons why a ring may need to be resized and the good news is that it’s a fairly simple and common process. While we do recommend trying to get a new ring as close to the correct size as possible the first time, know that the size can be adjusted […]

August 26, 2022