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Elegant & Timeless: The Halo Engagement Ring

The right diamond engagement ring sets the tone for a rewarding and fulfilling relationship. It’s the perfect way to share your joy about the prospect of spending the rest of

Mistakes To Avoid When Proposing

For many of us, we spend decades searching for that perfect match. So, when we finally find them, it is exhilarating. But when it comes to proposing, it is inevitable

Why is the Diamond April’s Birthstone?

The diamond has become a symbol of pure love for many couples around the world. Today, its durability inspires countless couples to hold the diamond as a symbol of the

Celebrate National Diamond Month

The diamond, one of the hardest substances on Earth, represents unbreakable bonds of love. Today, the diamond is the favored jewel for the engagement, wedding, and anniversary ring,  symbolizing fidelity

How to Polish Your Diamond Jewelry

Whether it is a brilliant diamond engagement ring or a family heirloom, diamond jewelry is precious and often hold sentimental value. Regular caring for your jewelry will help to maintain

Stand Out: Design A Custom Engagement Ring

The engagement ring has been a symbol of love for generations. But as each generation reaches this momentous stage in life they each put their own spin on this tradition.