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What To Do If The Diamond Falls Out

Buying diamond jewelry can be a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, you want the diamond to be the centerpiece and display it’s brilliance. On the other hand, that

2019 Oscars: The 5 Best Jewelry Pieces

This year’s Oscars featured some jewelry that definitely required the presence of nearby bodyguards due to their sheer beauty and incredible value. Number 1 on our list will likely be

They Weren’t Always Called “Diamonds”

As with many things in the English language, we’ve gotten accustomed to the word “Diamond” and adopted it as a permanent descriptor of the beautiful, radiant gemstones that humans across

How Many Colors Do Diamonds Come In?

While Diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement and wedding rings, many people are unaware of the options they actually have in terms of color. Most people naturally want a

A Look At How Diamonds Are Cut

You’ve probably heard it several times before: “diamonds are the hardest material on earth!” Well, before we dive into our topic we should debunk that. Diamonds are the hardest naturally-made