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Why is Handmade Jewelry More Expensive?

In our previous post we discussed the differences between custom and handmade, but we wanted to take a closer dive into why handmade jewelry is more expensive and what really

VVS Diamonds for Custom Jewelry

If you’re shopping for diamonds, you might run across the term “VVS”. It sound technical, but VVS just stands for Very, Very Slightly-included. In short, it means that the diamonds

Gemless Engagement Rings

In a world of almost 8 billion people, it’s more important than ever that you find your own personal meaning through what you do and what you wear. The reason

May’s Birthstone

A beautiful chunk of Beryl found mainly in Columbia and Zambia, this Greenish Teal gemstone is widely known and featured in several movies and games. There was an entire city

What Percentage of Diamonds are Flawless?

The ever-famous flawless diamond is sought after so often that it’s become a staple in movies, games and books. While diamonds at this level of perfection are certainly rare, they

How To Check If A GIA Certificate Is Real

GIA Certificates are the gold standard when it comes to finding quality diamonds, but many places will attempt to fake a certificate if they can’t get one legitimately. After all,

The Best Time To Get A Promise Ring

Timing is one of the more important struggles of a relationship. We all run into timing issues. When is the best time to propose? When should we talk about combining

What Diamond Cut Sparkles The Most?

There are many different cuts of diamonds with many different purposes. Some create a more elegant feel while others illuminate surrounding lights much better. A common question on the minds

April’s Birthstone

We’re coming full circle near the end of our Birthstone blog series with the world’s most adored gemstone, sought by almost everyone at some point in their lives. With a

The Difference Between Carats and Karats

Some things in the jewelry world are easy and well thought-out, and then we have the measurement system. Often asked is the difference between a carat and a karat. While